Monday, December 13, 2021


that's Talia and Trinity up there!!! i can't BELIEVE i still have my wifi to type this up! we've had the Storm of the Century over here and it's STILL raining as i speak! talk about a comedown.

1. if you found The Fountain of Youth would you swim in it?

yes. but like that blonde on that TLC reality dating show 90-Day Single says: "i gotta go back into the dating pool and i'm pretty sure there's pee in it." my friend was a PA on that show and he said they desecrated a lawn gnome. hey remember Cathouse on HBO? i miss Cathouse, bring back Cathouse, HBO, put it on HBO Max...

2. share a quick story about your misspent youth: so i was scanning through the liner notes of my first Smashing Pumpkins album and i come across the lyrics to "Stumbleine"...

3. some say youth is a state of mind, agree? wholeheartedly. but life itself is a state of mind, although age is NOT just a number, the body will decay eventually. 

life, reality, is Episode 8 of The Midnight Gospel

4. do you feel that you wasted your youth? of course. but that's how it should be. it's impossible to do otherwise. as Shaw said, "youth is wasted on the young."

Billy Corgan: damn i thought that was MY quote.

5. are you anxious about death?

you know it's been awhile since i've learned something genuinely new and novel but it happened to me last week. again i refer you to Episode 8 of The Midnight Gospel. see? do you see now? THIS is what reality really is, this is what the afterlife is, what existence is, the Eastern religions got it right, well closer than the Western religions anyway. that episode is still breaking my brain, i don't want to think too much more about it or i'll have a panic attack. don't think too hard on the concept of ego death or you'll go insane.

but it was here reading some ancillary articles, some sidelinks directed from the episode that i came across this idea of why everyone is scared to death of death: you're scared, but it's just your physical body that's scared, you're scared of nothingness and not existing anymore and the loss of your consciousness and thoughts and experiences. but only just your PHYSICAL body experiences this fear. once you realize you're part of the One all your petty tiny Earthly fears melt and fall away, you simply become part of the One at death, there's no room for fear cos you're The One.

your SPIRIT body is always nice and calm, riding an ocean of nirvana, your spirit body knows all about this innately

BONUS: when do you dislike too much chatter? when it's coming from my head



Anonymous said...

I don't fear the Reaper


the late phoenix said...

Hedone: neither does Blue Oyster Cult

Happy Holidays, Hedone!

i am grateful for our friendship

TMI Tuesday blog said...

*big grin* You get me

Happiest Holidays ever to you my friend. Whatever your headspace and place may be, take care of you.

Warm hugs,

the late phoenix said...

H: thank you, you, too