Monday, December 6, 2021



1. do you consider your sex to be "conventional"? yes, because i only do it at Comic Con. there are a lot more women than men at a con these days believe it or not, it's just that you can't tell cos everyone's wearing that dang Anonymous mask.

2. gender identity---how do you describe yourself? a) male b) female c) trans man d) trans woman e) genderqueer/nonconforming f) different id 

i'm different. that's what the nuns at the flower shop keep telling me.

3. sexual orientation: a) hetero b) gay c) lesbian d) bi e) none or exclusive

i'm straight but i'm down to fuck Trent Reznor. Down In It if you catch my depresso drift

4. is understanding the cause and effect of the formations of gender stereotypes important?

it is VITAL. we MUST understand exactly where we came from, who formed us, and what it ACTUALLY means to be human. the fluidity of it all. that way when there's a crack in the planet from climate change and the only way for the species to survive is to live in a galaxy, when Elon Musk waves his hand beckoning us to come aboard his dusty red-powder spaceship we can stand tall and say:

"no sir, no Elon Musk, we have our OWN spaceship."

BONUS: your thoughts on this: "i'm in a committed relationship, and it feels like asking for consent every time we have sex is overkill---is that wrong?"

consent is VITAL. without consent there's no functioning society, that goes for porn but that goes for life. this is why you only get into a committed relationship with someone you truly LOVE, not someone you lust. i know it's hard to believe, but the purpose of life is not sex, it's love.

Aretha: honey child, the purpose of life is respect.


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