Monday, December 20, 2021



1. do you have a favorite author? yes. Philip K. Dick. he would cry as he wrote which is what i do, too.

2. do you make your bed each morning?

yes. cos my cats demand a nice smooth linear soft comfy feathery pillowy mattress for them to lie on.

3. what is one recipe that gets you through busy, hectic times?

Mom's Chicken Soup from the '80s

- one red box of Lipton's soup mix. dried in the parchment packet. must be tiny DICED chicken cubes, don't get the plain noodles!
- one beefsteak tomato 
- one potato not currently being used for tv or youtube

cut all ingredients with a Martin Yan butcher knife. place in the scalding hot tubwater of a witch's pot. do it all Macbeth-like, all Denzel-like. stir. add an entire bottle of tabasco sauce. DO NOT GO TO COSTCO!!!!! they changed their chicken-soup-for-the-soul recipe!

4. for therapeutic venting who do you call? friend. sibling. parent. significant other

Regis Philbin. if not available Paul Rudd with Slimer

5. when did you last declutter the camera roll on your smartphone?

you can do that? no wonder my ipad mini's always so damn slow and buggy. i don't need ANY of these pics after a week! Melissa Maker can help with that type of cleaning, too...

BONUS: what is the subject of your next blog post?

i'm writing the next chapter in the continuing saga of my story Hollywoodland Hotel...there's a spicy sex scene in there...



TMI Tuesday blog said...

3. :-) Martin Yan butcher knife. :D :D Macbeth-like, all Denzel-like. Thanks for low-down on costco.

I can completely visualize this entire scene.

4. Regis is no longer "available" to us mere mortals but I sense you have other-wordly connections.

Happy Festivus!

- H

the late phoenix said...

i'm excited for The Tragedy of Macbeth, looks all cool and black-and-white and stark and film-noir, all Coen Brother, looks like Denzel's next Oscar

remember the Martin Yan butcher knife/cleaver? it was a knife/tray

you know one day when you're having a Festivus party you'll get a knock on the door and it'll be Regis in an ugly sweater

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

"you know one day when you're having a Festivus party you'll get a knock on the door and it'll be Regis in an ugly sweater"
That really made me laugh hard. Maybe I'm tired? Nope, just giggly.



the late phoenix said...

hi H, haha, have a good week

this week between Christmas and New Year's is always strange and quiet, there's nothing to do but meditate on your life, it's scary for me