Monday, January 10, 2022



Bob Saget is who my dad would have been if he had gone into show business. exactly Bob Saget...

...except my dad would have worn his hair like Vincent from that '80s show Beauty & The Beast. that show taught me romance. real romance. the Beast as the Byronic Hero in a sumptuous blue longcoat doing Hamlet in the sewers every week...

...don't eat the Krispy Kreme mini-Krullers, they taste like dryer lint...

1. first app you check in the morning? Instagram. before i wake up.

2. first kiss location? inside the massive maw-mouth of Monstro the baleen whale from Pinocchio

3. first major purchase over $1000? the Atari 2600. as we all know from those incessant ads we memorized as kids on the asphalt play-yard, this console was advertised as 


but of course with tax it came out to 1000

4. first song choice in the karaoke songbook? that one from Lost In Translation...

5. first internet screenname? Georgeorwellismyhomie1984

6.  first breakup reason? me. i'm crazy.

7. first concert and how old were you? Smashing Pumpkins at the Cow Palace. 30 years old.

8. first crush? Joe Pera i mean Alicia Silverstone like everyone else

BONUS: what was the title of your very first blog post? 


Night Burger, the one that started it all. a tale of night. and burgers. and suicide and hope. lit against the backdrop of those first few twinkle trees you encounter as you jog that New Year's race.  

you can find "Night Burger" right here at this very blog!!!


i have to thank Jules Smith for everything. i was scared to tell stories again but she inspired me. i hadn't written anything of any serious import in 20 years, i was stuck deep down the darkest of black holes in my brainmind. i couldn't move from my bed, trapped was i under wrinkly ocean covers. the spark shall cum and it shall be blonde. i owe her my life, my love, and my career. she instilled happiness luck and fun back in my life. now if only somebody can show me what this joy thing is all about, wink wink...

go to her here, she's a better writer than i could ever be: CLICK HERE FOR JULES


Smu Doodle said...

So you have an Instagram account on the astral plane too. Cool.

the late phoenix said...

yes, check it out, the link is on the sidepanel to this blog here