Monday, March 1, 2021


1. for you, what would be the worst store to have a $1000 gift card for? 


2. besides a raise or more vacation time, what is the best perk a company can offer you?

if i can't be CEO of the company i don't want to work at the company. i want a corner office because that's where the best light is, at 4PM it's perfect for my daily Instagram pic of me next to the cigarette vending machine, that's where the angle of ray of light hits my face just so against the corner of the vending machine for golden hour. okay i'm about to get Discovery Plus up in here: i want THREE parking spaces. one for me, one for my strippers, and one for my Garbage Pail Kids cards with a meter that doesn't recognize coins, only recognizes a stick of pink dusty bubble gum you have to swipe in the insert-slot. one for my skateboard, i lodge the Garbage Pail Kid card inbetween the axle and the wheel and it flips continuously up and down like a shuffle from hell...

3. what are you most likely very wrong about? the afterlife

4. what is something you borrowed but never gave back? 

a wad of bubblegum chewed by Mickey Mantle. how does it go? 7 years sticks to your ribs. no the other one, just add water to it, yeah, i should have gone with that one...if i wanted ice cloning i would have gotten a popsicle as my candy

BONUS: what have you struggled with your entire life? finishing...



Smu Doodle said...

Best part of being wrong about the afterlife is that it leaves no time for regrets,or nothing but time. All in one way or the other.

the late phoenix said...

the afterlife is fucking scary, it scares me the fuck to death

Jules said...

1: Halfords

2: Cabana boys

3: I’m with Phoenix

4: Hearts

Bonus: commitment/dedication /belief/TRUST *)

the late phoenix said...

1. where we get our bicycle-built-for-two

2. and coconut limes

3. okay that literally made me Laugh Out Loud in real life!!!

4. Valentine's Day was a bitch in grade school. cool card game tho.

BONUS: no need to worry anymore, you're with Phoenix.

love you *)

Jules said...