Monday, May 30, 2022



that OO up there looks like the infinity symbol...

today is macaroon day. macaroon NOT macaron the French cookie. did you know if you search macaroon a bunch of pictures of the macaron pop up? it takes a deeper dive to find a single photo of the coconutty mini cake.

did you know that the word macaroon comes from the Italian word maccarone meaning "paste".

on with the MACAROON celebration for TMI Tuesday:

1. have you eaten a macaroon? did you like it? the MACAROON? why yes, yes i have, it means paste and i love eating paste, that habit carried over from my childhood grade-school. yes i am reminded of KFC when i eat them cos they look like cute little tiny biscuits. i mean is it any wonder cute little tiny adorable Macron won reelection?...

2. do you prefer the coconut macaroon or the original almond-paste version?

in honor of my mom today i am choosing coconut. coconut is my mom's favorite. everything. she buys coconut icemilk pops, coconut truffle-chocolates, coconut earrings. she wrings the coconut milk from the coconut husk with her bare long curly fingernail.  

i mean i don't get paste. you're supposed to eat paste not use it to glue your pasta-art project together. elbow macaroni was never meant to be consumed, it's too hard to cook, that wheat bulgur is like a brick. elbow macaroni is meant to ART only, for art only, to fill its tiny holes with glue...

3. have you made macaroons? share your recipe if you'd like:

1. go down to The Store
2. there meet the crones, Doryce and Gladyce. give those two a big wet hug, they love that. they're friendly witches, they won't bite.........well Doryce will bite you sexually but only if you ask nicely. 
3. pick up a bag of macaroons


4. to jazz up a basic macaroon---egg whites, sugar, and coconut---which of the following will you add?
a) chocolate
b) fresh fruit or fruit preserves
c) candy
d) cinnamon

it's gotta be Jubilee Jam this week!!! Jubilee Jelly, the Queen's private stash she keeps stuffed under her skirt. 

it's not real egg whites unless you WHIP them in a COPPER bowl. this is so cathartic, you really need to try it. it gets out all your worldly frustrations and it got me so horny once i wrote a letter right then and there on my oak workbench on perfumed paper and sent it with my scent to Jacques Pepin.

5. would you rather eat a macaroon or a macaron?

i'd rather eat out Macron if it meant 5 more years. i envy Macron's wife, it's cool to be the tall statuesque grand-noblewoman one in the relationship. 

Macron's wife: my husband looks like a Christmas doll.

macarons are just candy, right? i spear a macaroon with my tree branch and roast it over an open fire and i HATE camping...



Jules said...

1: Yes. Not a massive fan TBH. I prefer Jam Roly Poly with custard.

2: See above.

3: Yes. I made them at a house in Texas. Some rich wife of an oil tycoon had her friends over to make macarons around the gigantic island in her kitchen. A teacher/cook from Wholefoods came to teach us how to make them and decorate them with edible pens.

4: Cinnamon. Always cinnamon.

5: Id rather eat Jam Roly Poly and custard but I don’t think anyone is listening to me…


the late phoenix said...

i love you, mah dahlin

1. jam roly-poly: what got me kicked out of the club

2. the Blood Moon blinded me

3. in Texas oil is called Texas Tea. Gilligan is trapped on my kitchen island. i ate a pen once but all the ink fell in my mouth, the ink was called Texas Tea

4. i can't eat Cream of Wheat without cinnamon

5. i'm listening but the Blood Moon took out my ears