Monday, October 25, 2021



a bumpy train ride is ideal, but only if you look out your window and see French vineyards 

1. what's for breakfast? Cinnabon in the Simpsons kitchen. there's a very specific thing i want that this kitchen has, Marge has three triangular ceramic bowls each smaller as it goes up attached to each other with red string of fate held together by a strong iron Highlander chain-link to the cracked ceiling. i need this. my triangles would contain the following:

biggest triangle: eggs
middle triangle filled to the brim of the saucer rim with Mocha Mix
smallest triangle: K cups of Gevalia Colombian Roast 

2. three words you don't want to hear during sex:

i'm not Jen (or Jenny or Jennifer, any combination of this)

3. stupid shit you shouldn't do but do anyway, list two:

eat Big Macs
go on facebook

4. one thing you love to hate:

this is tricky cos when you hate something you're only giving it more power. so i'm just gonna go with my go-to on these kinds of questions: Gargamel

5. today is a great day for ____

Lou Reed

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