Monday, October 11, 2021



1. tell us about your sluttiest act ever.

okay fine you dragged it out of me. i was at my first college Halloween party and i had to do something to impress the anime club. let's just say i found another use for the holes in a jack o' lantern. ironically the anime club rejected me cos they said they didn't want freaks.

later that night i had my first White Claw and the first face i saw when i woke up from almost dying was Billy Corgan lifting my head up from the gutter. i told him he should name his band Cupid's Kettledrums...

2.  have you ever played air guitar naked?

see you have to be careful with this sort of thing on the BART. when you're on the subway you have to remember that the guitar is invisible, not your clothes...

3. to what song do you play air guitar naked?

the "Air" song by Phil Collins seeing as we're getting 40mph winds over here. dry as hell still hasn't rained all year yet somehow we're getting a hurricane

4. are you good in bed? why?

yes. because the bed is where i watch all my tv shows.

um, can we talk about the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot on the CW? i mean WOW. that was BAD. the last time i intentionally watched the CW was The Daily Buzz during the series finale of Everwood...

i mean what were they thinking? why are they playing it outside with no fans? i know, covid, but still. just a lot of dead air and dead water.

i appreciated the gymnasts. and Olmec is still his smarmy self. but that's about it. you can't have adults play a game show for kids, it just doesn't work. i did like the Female Temple Guardian's outfit i want that outfit for me, i don't remember there being Girl Guards in the Nick show. 

the whole time i'm continuing to watch this through the hour i'm mumbling to myself, "why?..........just..........why?.........."

5. what feels sexy to you? a tactile sensation not sight nor taste.

sticking my hand in Olmec's mouth

BONUS: write a six-word autobiography.

i can't believe i'm still alive



Jules said...

1: I can’t - I’d get arrested.
2: No, can’t say that I have. But I may have done a bit of flautistry.
3: N/A but it would be Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik
4:No, I’m terrible. I steal all the covers and shout out loud in my dreams.
5: Hot sugar scrub, baby!

Autobiography: I’m not yesterday, I’m right now.


the late phoenix said...

1. mah dahlin we gotta fuck. no, seriously. we gotta use your handcuffs and we gotta fuck
2. i eat a lot of magic beans too
3. let's finally watch that Ingmar Bergman film together. A Little Night Music, it's like A Bit of Fry & Laurie
4. you're insane in bed. we have the same night terrors that wake us at 3AM where we proceed to swipe all the curtains away off the golden rod cos we thought we were a wild werewolf
5. oh babe you must let me take you to the LUSH over here in Carmel, i'll buy you all the weird soaps there

autobiography: imagine the music John Lennon would be making today...

i love you, my sweet, your visit brightened my day