Friday, May 21, 2021




* Ethan Hawke: the greatest thing i did on the Lisa Loeb "Stay" video was have that cat jump off that chair on cue.
cat familiars: pashaw.

* everyone remembers that "Stay" video, everyone knows where everything in that abandoned apartment was on that floorplan, every stucco corner, every wirerim chair, that column in the middle that obscures Lisa Loeb's glasses. this video made it safe for the dork girls and librarian chicks to come out and breathe fresh air again. there was such a rush to get in line for contacts but it was okay to wear glasses, glasses were cool, glasses made you pretty, and it wasn't an ironic hipster thing yet.

* Lisa Loeb: i did the whole the-video-is-just-me-walking-around thing before Alanis, dammit!

* Lisa: i look so petulant when i sing the lyric SO?!!!

* Lisa Loeb: i remember that shoot, that place was dusty as fuck.
Ethan Hawke: yeah sorry about that, that was actually my cocaine dust.

* i always thought it was 

i'm only here in negative

* Lisa: think that i'm throwing but i'm thrown, remember when baseball was big in this country?

* Lisa: i thought i would live forever, guys i was a teenager back then...

* i love the line

dying since the day they were born

Lisa: the apartment above us was leaking dripping water from Morrissey's tub.

* Lisa: why do you have me on my knees for the finale?
Ethan: dramatic effect, nothing more.

* Lisa: why didn't we fuck? we could have been the first friends-with-benefits.
Ethan: i really needed to catch a train...
Celine: i wish you hadn't, you ruined my life, you made my life permanent...
Ethan: i had a vision i'd meet Uma a year later. that vision came from a crazy Danish mystic...

* Ethan: fun fact, this apartment was later used for the Friends Reunion...

* auditioner: you crying?
cameraman: pollen.
Lisa: i know i know, i'm a C-list celebrity, one-hit wonder, i'm not Angelina Jolie risking her career having a pound of bees buzzing around pollinating all over her perfect face. 

happy weekend, my babies


this is tough, this weekend is gonna be rough, last SNL of the season and it's always melancholic. at the Weekend Update desk and at the Goodnights when they wish you a good summer, that's when the melancholy hits. cos i ain't going to any concerts till Fall. this is Biden now so there's no need for summer episodes to keep the republic afloat. 

so in order for my tears to blend into the water without anyone knowing i cry, i'm going on the AquaDuck, the only rollercoaster EVER on a cruise ship. it's Disneyland on a tub so i'll make my lunch out of churros and popcorn.


Anonymous said...

This Lisa Loeb riff was good :D

Did you watch her reality show about her trying to find boyfriend or just dating? I think she found one. Although, I'm not sure...I can't remember; it was ages ago but I really liked the show. Just dod a search. Wiki says show was called "Number 1 Single".


the late phoenix said...

H: thank you, that "Stay" video is so iconic and embedded in my psyche. i must've been at college at the time cos i don't remember that reality show, maybe faintly. she dated Dweezil Zappa! her cousin was on RuPaul's Drag Race! i wish Lisa Loeb all the happiness in the world. peace, have a great summer