Friday, May 14, 2021



* i'm spacey. my whole head is spacey and my cable is turtle-slow

* Anna: size doesn't matter. i'm still human, i'm married but i'm still human.
Elsa: yeah but how big is his nose?
Kristoff: are we talking about shoe size? cos i wear tennis-racquets.
Olaf: in our species our carrot is our carrot.

* Charles Barkley: why are you in EVERY SINGLE commercial, Shaq?
Shaquille O'Neal: i got the perfect liniment for your massage, Chuck, IcyHot.
Charles Barkley: wanna watch My Hero Academia with me after we do it?

* it's okay to watch adult swim again...

* i'm still not able to travel quite the way i want to so instead i watch the music video to Washed Out's "Amor Fati" and brush my teeth under a waterfall. i can't shave in a lake of silver clay cos i got no whiskers just a cat. i'm skinny enough that i can fit another in my tiny tub...

* nothingness is fine as long as it's not boring

* there's only indoor dining! no outdoor dining! we only serve food within your subconscious not without. you can enter the bowling alley without a mask only if you hit the 7-10 split while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and harmonica-mustache shouting I AM!!! to your wife of 30 years in the stands whom you promise to get a gray divorce. put a couple of waterfall razorblades and shaving creams for the road in your puffy bag.

* you don't have to work anymore. just work on yourself.

* i hate frogs now. frogs have been forever ruined for me. does not feel good, man.

* frog: i got immortal the mortal way: through good rock songs.

* Moon: a band? yeah i've heard you guys play. if you're a rock band and you want to be successful, you have to have a girl singer.

* frog: yeah thanks. we put our electro-guitar on the Pink Floyd brick as we play the flute and sax hard. tape it on one of those preschool Fisher Price recorders. 

* frog: my mom was feeling buzzed while driving cos covid was over. she's our manager. she's a nurse when she's not our manager. she sent our emo demo out to some labels but Columbia would only let her in the building if she had a penny and she had a Pepe Coin, not PepCoin, a Pepecoin. 

* Moon: you have one follower, that's something.

* Moon: never give up your dreams. unless you are dead. that's not celestial stars out there, that's graffiti.

* snail: not the Adventure Time snail. you wanted the lesbians to fuck so you have to pay for the HBO. there are no days here, infinite space/time is like covid.

* frog: Rod Serling door?
Moon: Rod Serling door.
snail: humans will ALWAYS NEED a journey of discovery...

* Logic: there can't be nothingness. once you think a thought that thought is a thing.
Nothingness: you'll see...

happy weekend, my babies

TOMORROW: Medina Spirit is clean! but everyone else is dirty. so is horseracing legit? please tell me American Pharoah is still real.

keep me in mind when you ram Medina Sprit into your subconscious where no bad thoughts can hurt that precious horse. it's a crowded trade to luck on a winner in all the greenie oats and jockeys running on empty and an empty bottle of midnight bourbon cos they just realized they'll never grow. ram Jack Bauer so the dude wakes up and finally gets woke and goes to France to get culture and gets in a mademoiselle on a scooter made of bread. it's an unbridled honor to still be a race fan after all the scandals and the Woody Allen. this summer, take the risk to see a concert, see Yellowcard before they're forced to play "Yellow Ledbetter"

i'm thinking of the Chipotle quesadillas but they're so flat and a morsel. i need a big meal, a Wendy's midnight-bourbon burger...



Jules said...

A bourbon- burger? I’m in.

Keeping the Medina Spirit within. *)

the late phoenix said...

poor Medina Spirit just ain't the same without the drugs. at least he can be put out to pasture and become a narc for the government. teaching kids to just say neigh to drugs.

Secretariat was clean.........right?

love you