Tuesday, December 27, 2022



1. would you rather live in a real haunted house or a gingerbread house?

a real haunted house of course, specifically the castle Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson got married in at that Vogue shoot. i would say gingerbread house but you caught me full at the moment, i just ate my Christmas roast consisting of pepper chicken, Mornay-sauce mac-n-cheese, and tater skins.

2. one practical use for your belly button is ____

put a ring on it

3. do you trust birds? if not, why? Bill Nye the Science Guy told me birds aren't real. but then again you know Bill, he's always kidding around, he's always joshing and jokestering, he's the prankster of the troupe, Bill Nye was a comedian on the Seattle version of Saturday Night Live, Seattle SNL, before all that science stuff. you gotta make it entertaining or no one will learn.

4. what's wrong with you? deadline...

5. would you rather be a millionaire but NOT have friends or family or be broke but have friends and family?

you can't eat money. FAMILY is everything, family is all that matters. for some, FRIENDS ARE FAMILY. it's no fun to spend money alone, take it from me.........what am i saying, i've never had money!!! i have no idea!!! imagine being super-rich just for one day, swimming in that infinity pool next to the Pyramids. i will be rich one day cos i played the lottery. can i be Bill Gates but with friends?




TMI Tuesdday blog said...

2. :D

Happy New Year!


the late phoenix said...

the only ring i ever got was a carnie ring, wink wink. Happy New Year, Hedone!!!