Monday, October 24, 2022



1. what are you focusing on in your life right now?

a) finding greater purpose the greatest life lessons are accidents
b) feeling less alone i'm alone when i type
c) feeling more motivated TMIT is my job now
d) improving anxiety i watched a Mel Brooks film about this
e) working on relationships JENNIFER PIZARRO I MANIFEST THEE!!!

2. select one thing that you value most right now:

a) being a good partner or friend being a friend is cool but being a partner pays.
b) becoming your best self only the CyberMasters from Doctor Who can achieve self-realization.
c) feeling happier, more fulfilled i fill myself with sadness every breakfast by eating cupcakes.
d) performing well at work i am my own boss which means when the corporate lawsuit comes down i will act as my own attorney...

3. which type of well-being tool is of most interest to you? take it from me, a survivor of bullies on the St. Cyril's of Jerusalem in Encino's black-asphalt playgrounds, don't be fooled by bullies, all bullies are tools and they do NOT want to be your friend, they're tricking you.

a) guided meditation why is every voice on those guided-meditation tapes Australian? mine was Steve Irwin, he spoke to me when i played the tape backward, Steve told me THE STINGRAY DIDN'T WIN.
b) life coaching workshops my life coach is Prince Harry...
c) personal therapy i talk to myself then i send myself the bill.
d) social content "content" is the WORST WORD in the English language.

4. on a scale from 1 to 5, how much are you enjoying your life?

1=not at all


5. what have you been struggling with lately?

a) feeling needed women just want me for my body...of work.
b) making friends my last real friend was Lucio Rossi in 8th Grade...
c) improving mental health don't take my word for it but i do really think that this is impossible to do. i'm not a professional but i've lived it. self-care isn't an Instagram fad it's a lifestyle. all of my days now are me taking a personal day...
d) building career i used to build with LEGOs but once you go Playmobil you never go back.
e) feeling supported all my socks have holes just in time for winter

BONUS: on a scale from 1 to 5, how hopeful do you feel about the future?

1=not at all



Smu Doodle said...

Agree on your judgement on content. It's makes a world of difference whether you place the accent on the first or second syllable.(con' tent) or (cun tent') When you add Social to the equation I error on the side of discontent.

the late phoenix said...

smu doodle: this is the winter of our discontent...

i meant content with the syllable on the FIRST. like internet content. people don't do art anymore, they just fill their youtube channels and Instagram piles with content, mostly ads for bitcoin and BuzzFeed polls and subscriptions to join the Illuminati $25 for month membership

content syllable on the SECOND is a good word, a nice word, everyone wants to achieve happiness at a mellow bus stop

HTMIT, my friend