Sunday, September 25, 2022



1. when was the last time you ____? (now answer your question)

played a Zelda game? it's been ages. it's been the Tree of Ages. the last time was May 12, 2023, when Tears of the Kingdom FINALLY came out...

2. i'm bored, what should i do? YOU'RE bored or I'M bored? either way, let's be bored together. the key is to do things together. how about we do a graphic novel together? i write, you draw.

or better yet, let's do a reboot of that brilliant MTV show Daria. right? i don't get it, they're making new episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head but they don't do the FAR SUPERIOR show Daria. remember that Renaissance Fair episode of Daria? of course you do, everyone remembers that one!!! everyone remembers the theme song about standing on her neck which applies to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well. everyone remembers how sexy Trent was. not Reznor, Jane's brother, who looked like Trent Reznor. everyone is DYING to see how Daria would react to the Sick Sad World that is 2022!!!!!!!!!

3. who is the smartest person you know? Steve Jobs, cos he's changing things from the other side...

4. are you awesome? funny story. St. Cyril's funny story:

so i'll never forget my 4th Grade teacher at St. Cyril's in Encino. tho i forget her name. but i do remember she was Irish. like 100% bloody Irish with a THICK Irish brogue accent. she spoke in a soft voice but got really ANIMATED when she started talking about Heaven and the Afterlife.

teacher: think about it. Heaven. The Afterlife. Eternity. Forever. Neverending. that is AWESOME.

now back then we wannabe skateboard punks would chuckle when she said that cos the word "awesome" was street slang, you know?

but then she said something that REALLY made us chuckle.

teacher: Heaven. Christ's Redeeming Love. God. belief. never actually dying. continuing on. ghosts. that is RAD.

5. if you could take any reality show off the air which one would it be?

Survivor. from the START that show sucked. because of the way Richard Hatch BULLIED his way to the million. IN THE FIRST SEASON!!! everyone hated Richard Hatch but he still won. it's like when the school bully becomes a CEO or something...

i mean that was not a good omen, not a good sign for the future. Survivor led to the downfall of society. plus i remember that final show coming right around the time as the series finale of Seinfeld which was a FAR SUPERIOR show. that was a very telling year, that was the death knell of good scripted fiction writing and the dawn of vapid reality TV for decades to come...

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