Monday, March 7, 2022



right? did you watch Roadrunner on CNN last night? my body was not ready. and certainly not my soul. when is Daylight Saving Time? my head is a wreck of emotions out to sea, everything in this world is currently messing me up... 

1. under what circumstances would you fake your own kidnapping? that's the thing with faking your own kidnapping, it seems a good idea at the time. but then how long does it last? you have to keep faking it or the real kidnappers will catch on. you can never see your parents and friends again. no more chess on yachts. you will have to stay disappeared the rest of your life...

2. do you feel you belong?

as the opening monologue of Annie Hall goes, "i'd never join a club that would have me as its member"

is Woody Allen still cool? no, no i guess he's not.

3. in your life, what's a fun thing you did that you will never do again?

stay up all night. i've only done this ONCE in my life, at Berkeley cos i had to get a fucking term paper done and i hadn't seen the movie on time. as a result Nosferatu and i are not friends. i am bald like him tho. it fucked me up so bad i swore to myself i'd never do it again. i made a vow at a church. or was it a rave? all i remember from that morning was a donuthole lodged in my butthole on the steps of the library, that was the only fun part. a week later my friend was talking about naps and i thought to myself,

i coulda just had a nap right after i turned the paper in. i was so messed up all around my senses and sinuses i forgot about the concept of naps.

4. do you listen to your inner voice?

my inner voice is Celine from the Before Trilogy films. we talk about the current state of things, a series of comments on her Instagram, Ukrainian history and the REAL reason Putin's so mad...

5. what can you hear? the music Dudley Moore heard all around him the seconds before he died...

BONUS: do you know yourself?

we know who we are, but we don't know who we may be

---quote by Big Billy Shakespeare


Smu Doodle said...

Wise to never fall for the lure of sleep deprivation trap twice. For me staying up all night falls into the "seemed like a good idea at the time" category. As in, well I have to be at the office in an hour , so I might as well stay awake and get some more____. Fill in the blank. There are many blanks to fill in this universe of ours.

Woody Allen made me laugh, but was he ever really "cool"? Except for "What's Up Tiger Lilly". That was cool.

ancilla_ksst said...

I only stayed up all night once in my life and it was also writing a paper. Aren't we the wild ones? I turned in the paper and then went home and slept all day.

the late phoenix said...

smu: Woody Allen, well Woody Allen BEFORE, was a bonafide auteur!!! a stonecold writer!!! a cinematic genius!!!

ancilla: that's the smart thing to do. i literally forgot i was allowed to sleep afterwards, i figured it was daytime daylight so i have to stay up. there was a side-library at Berkeley where none of the students went to check out books, they were all there to sleep in its lounge's blue sofa-y comfortable circular couch