Monday, July 19, 2021



1. describe your phone lock screen:

all black. with one giant heavenly body in the center. not what you think, it's a planet. a blue planet. all blue, no green. this is what Earth will look like next year...

2. what does your favorite coffee mug or tea cup look like?

it's in the shape of a Dalek. actually it IS a Dalek. Doctor Who came down on me one night in my sleep to tell me that i needed to defeat a Dalek, remove the head, and use that as my coffee mug. the Doctor told me her name was Doctor Who. the Doctor told me she hated tea. if i don't do this, continuously use the Dalek head for my joe, the Dalek will come back to life and shoot me in my sleep. now that would be a wake-up call coffee could not provide me, shoulda stuck with the tea. i cannot WAIT till we get the Gay Doctor.

3. tell us about a regional food favorite of yours that you think the world simply must try:

- peanut butter and clams, recommended by James Gandolfini himself. you don't want to be going against the Family.

- cereal in a bowl of milk. put ice cubes in the milk. drain bowl of all cereal. that's what Gene Simmons uses to keep his tongue solvent.

- pineapple on pizza. nobody's ever heard of this, it's only done on ONE island in Hawaii. they say only about like five people like this but those five people had so much sex they had to start drinking cold milk instead.

4. how often do you journal? come back and visit me here.........on WEDNESDAY

5. how often do you blog? visit me at my Instagram.........especially on a TUESDAY

Wednesdays and Thursdays if you like the indie music

BONUS: does your blog act as your journal?

my blog is my journal and my journal is my blog. *plays Queensryche's "I Am I" on the laptop sound system* 

believe it or not, you can meet people on this blog. i've seen it happen. important people, like soul mates and stuff. and the occasional English professor who butts in the way with his frog. keep writing cos you never know. always keep writing cos it's just good practice. all your entries don't have to be going for the philosophical jugular at the end. they don't all have to evince an existentialist eye. a comparative analysis of the heaviness of operas pre- and post-pandemic. paperback books as radio. they can just be your routine, you walking down the street to your favorite local Taco Bell. and then you read an article and decide to skip that coffee from Taco Bell...


Smu Doodle said...

On this pale blue dot I had a deleted wing of the family in North Carolina that swore by pineapple on pizza. But then again, as I stated earlier, they are no longer extant to my conscious life. The role of pineapple it that action can neither be confirmed nor denied.

the late phoenix said...

smu: the pineapple cum thing, i've been told it works. i haven't tried it personally but i've memorized the legends