Monday, November 21, 2022



1. compared to 5 years ago do you care more or less what people think of you?

more or less. i mean, well now wait let me think, you'd think less, right? i mean you grow and mature and you aren't a kid anymore trying to steal a GIANT wedge of chocolate cake and frosting under your gym shorts to get into that arcade party in Reseda. you start to get set in your ways, when you reach the magic age of 21 THEN ONLY THEN are you an old man and you go, "FUCK IT, FUCK THE WORLD, i don't give a DAMN what other people think of me, imma gonna do ME from now on!!!"

and then from Age 21 to Age 80 you stay pretty much this way unless you need a reverse mortgage from Reverse Man Dan then you gotta make concessions for his Golden Retriever to stay at your house in your room while you sleep in the cold in the treehouse with only a silver water bowl and some kibble. and then when you reach the ripe old Age 100 you, like Abe Simpson before you, just hope to FINALLY meet that special lady...

2. what is the last self-help book, article, or blog post you read? did it help you?

Tony Robbins's book "I'm Right Despite My Big Head, My Actual Physically Large Head" and Deepak Chopra's book "Warmed-Over Hinduism For Celebrities", two masterpieces 

i read this recently which helped: friendship is one mind in two bodies.

3. tell us three people you MUST HAVE in your life:

Jennifer Pizarro
Mrs. Little
Jason David Frank

4. does tech interfere with your personal relationships? of course yes, TECH HAS RUINED EVERYTHING. relationships were never meant to be like THIS, a good relationship starts with you writing a letter to that special someone that takes one year to get delivered. that way you really have to think about how you're gonna respond. cos you have to write it LONGHAND, not text it. ON POSTCARDS!!! write your deepest darkest secrets ON POSTCARDS and send them out to your beloved!!! like Ben Franklin used to do back in the day when he was macking in Philly. 

5 when you want your partner or friend's undivided attention, how do you communicate that? by making them do the times tables.

BONUS: what is your view on love? it exists, but it's impossible to find on a dating app. self-love can only carry you so far, it lasts maybe a day or two. if you want to find your one true love, if you want what Shaggy and Scooby-Doo have, you have to sign up for CBS's The Amazing Race. see? see what i mean? after you travel with someone around the world, it doesn't matter who that person is, THAT PERSON is The One.  



-H said...

2. Hahaha. I missed those titles but they are spot on.

3. The power ranger--so surprising, right?

4. :D That is challenging and brave and great exercise for hand dexterity

Happy Thanksgiving

the late phoenix said...

after reading his first Deepak Chopra book, my dad called it warmed-over Hinduism and i never forgot that. i am DEVASTATED over Jason David Frank, i'll never get over it, he joins Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, and Kurt Cobain in my pantheon of permanent prayer. LONGHAND is making a comeback along with typewriters. Happy Thanksgiving, Hedone!!!