Monday, July 11, 2022



1. what movie dialogue do you know by heart? The Unbearable Lightness of Being. ONLY the parts in Czech...

2. which show do you watch the most? the second season of My So-Called Life...

3. do you get shy on camera? yes. which is not good for an actor. the only way i can record voice-over is if i'm completely naked in the booth...

4. how often do you take selfies?
a) once a week
b) a few times a week
c) everyday
d) never

i'm weird, i don't use Instagram as my selfie depot, i take NO selfies of me. i use Instagram as my depot to dump my NOVEL. i take selfies of my the shower.

5. do you like being watched? only by Sting and Morrissey

BONUS: what's the last thing you got in trouble for? smashing that central bubble in the Trouble board game. i play for keeps, i play hardcore, no leniency just cos we're related fam. everyone keeps telling me that that bubble is supposed to be plastic, but the bubble that came in my rectangular box was glass...



Anonymous said...

4. hahahahaha

Have a great week


the late phoenix said...

thank you, Hedone

this is why i don't take showers, my plants are in there!!!!! wink wink