Monday, June 21, 2021



1. what attracts you to a blog? - makes you read it again and again or subscribe?

*thinking to myself* answer this without using the word content. i mean cos it has good stuff. i wish i could read all the blogs but you gotta sleep sometime. it's good for your eye, sleep moisturizes your third eye.
of course it helps if what you're reading is something you wrote, otherwise you have no idea what the author's intent was.

sex is cool but i'm more into philosophy nowadays...

2. life is short. what do you still need to get done before your life ends? 

have one. win it for Christian Eriksen. not just win it, SMASH into the Knockout Round. 

3. which pick-up line are you most likely to use?:

a) you're beautiful/handsome. can i tell you that again next Saturday over dinner?

i tried this once. she only ate lunch. and she always had to work on the weekends. i finally got her into a steakhouse but the meat was so gamey. i asked the maitre d' what up and he said the meat was Kirkland Steak Strips Extra Thick Cut beef jerky that had hardened into bear meat. never going to Costco again.

b) are you a magician? because whenever i look at you, everyone else disappears!

David Blaine when he was dating Fiona Apple would have scored with this. but not after Fiona Apple dumped him. everyone looks better while dating Fiona Apple. now the only person who believes in David Blaine is Michael Jackson.

c) if i had a star for everytime you brightened my day i would be holding a galaxy.

the thing is, the center of the universe is not a black hole anymore. not the black hole of a giant eye. this will get play at video-game conventions, Mario and Luigi invincible stars and the such. play, get it?

d) i would say God bless you but it looks like He already did:

went with this one at an atheist con in Vegas. i told them they could sacrifice me to their God on a stick in the Hyatt hotel lobby under one condition:

FREE BRITNEY!!!.........from her Vegas residency...

4. what makes you feel truly loved? when i go to a Foo Fighters concert and can smile at that drummer again

5. what emotion do you experience the most?

the emotion where you try to figure out with your human brain the concept of divine infinity but it's impossible, your lobes short-circuit and you go crazy in that brain. and there's no escape cos this is your one and only brain. unless you get a cyberbrain or something.

BONUS: in the word scent, which letter is silent? S or C?

ask Kurt Cobain. you can't? okay ask Stewie Griffin, that baby knows about COOL HWHIP.


TMI Tuesday blog said...

Love this: "it's good for your eye, sleep moisturizes your third eye."

5. So this popped into my head:


Bathwater said...

I couldn't stop and figure out which emotion I experience the most.

the late phoenix said...

Hedone: yep. except i'm insane in the membrane WITHOUT marijuana. tho i probably should smoke more crop to keep myself calm and mellow.

bath: it's for the best, when i think about infinity i wake in the middle of the night in cold sweats and night terrors thinking my curtains are ghosts