Friday, November 24, 2017



* went Black Friday shopping with my mom. at the mall. just for the atmosphere. memories. moments. mom-ents. make new ones before your old ones run out.

* let's not get into weird, fraught theories this time, okay? no i don't know where the edge is. let's just have some fun.

* tequila-commercial palm tree vibes

* that's not a mirror, that's just a really bad cut

* if there are parallel universes, why are we all in this one?

* they're gonna look back and really regret that fart noise. this is too serious for that.

* is monkey the first man or man the first monkey?

* my body is made of crushed little stars. you can still get depressed if you're a celestial being.

* black-licorice globe

* Trivago. travel the world free.

* those who say they're not afraid to die................are deathly afraid of death.

* what is happiness? the monkey knows.

* it's called datamoshing apparently

* still waiting on Avatar 2: The Papyrus Prophecy

* anybody else see a terrier? and a whale chewing on a cracked pistachio?

* and clouds that look like poodles? one day the shadows will fall and not get up.

* i wonder what Baz Luhrmann is doing right at this moment

* ....................and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what is inside a strawberry 7-Eleven Slurpee.

* That's Incredible! was an incredible show

* omg! my captions are translating the foreign languages! it's even funnier the second time viewing this!

* this man is too handsome to be doing radio

* he's explaining the woeful tale of how this poor dolphin was cast back to sea. the sailors were searching for their white whale, not a white dolphin.

* tears of silver

* Mr. Madila, can i draw a cool cartoon like you?...................Mr. Madila says to keep this blog going...

* never seek advice from the back of an iron-on tattoo

* Madila: God exists whether you believe or not.
Cook from Skins: i know. God is me. i'm the Party God.

* Cook from Skins: this all be rubbish and you're mad for hearing voices.
Madila: you mad?
Cook: yes. but British mad means, like, cool.

*  Madila: i posit you this, what exactly is a thought?
Cook: i counter your thought with this thought: what exactly is a catch in the NFL?

* bottom line: thinking is crazy.

* Madila: how can we touch objects? what does an atom feel like?
 Cook: i felt an atom once. it was tingly.

* Madila: excuse the palm of my hand. i have Skittles pox.

* Madila: close your eyes. what do you see?
Cook: nothing.
Madila: open your eyes. what do you see?
Cook: keep your hands where i can see them.

* Madila: rub your eyes. pandiculate.
Cook: i need Effy for that.

* SAT question: the color of nothing is: a) cosmic latte b) all in your head c) a construction d) all that is and all that is not e) the gaps inbetween f) brown

* concussion or petrified wood?

* or ants painting Unknown Pleasures? or a rancid meatstick?

* oh, it was a mushroom. figures.

* suddenly have a craving for an Ocean Spray mocktail. bellini. shake a little Cran-Apple and Ruby Red in that tumbler under the table when no one's looking. FILL it with ice.

* need to stop now. if i think too much more deeply hard about this episode my forehead will literally start to turn purple.


happy weekend, my babies


Jules said...

Mom - ents! ha! I love you, I do!

Isn’t this place a parallel universe?

Datamoshing celestial crushed stars.

I see a terrier - your father.

Baz is wearing sunscreen.

Petrified wood. *)

the late phoenix said...

get me to the perpendicular universe. i'm in the doghouse with Papa Noops. my sweet my forehead is still purple, Baz's sunscreen only worked in the '90s. I still say nothing is brown...

love ya *)