Monday, November 27, 2017


1. why should you have sex on a first date? cos she won't have sex with you once she gets to know you.
2. why do you dislike giving oral sex? who says? i love it like Tony Soprano loves it God rest his soul *sign of the cross*. cumming in her mouth is my greatest pleasure, so her cumming in my mouth is only fair in love and war. i love tasting that Trader Joe's Green Plant green food juice blend fruit juice with all those exotic herbs she waterfalls into me. when the spinach hits the back of your throat, there's nothing spicier, not even life itself. i feel so pure and organic. "plant juice" is our safe word.
3. tongue or no tongue? explain. no tongue with a twist. industrial accident. Kiss was performing at the site of the industry. Gene Simmons felt bad for me and gave me a big-kiss swirlie down my throat. it was like magic whenever those guys performed. JUST THEN my tongue SUDDENLY grew three sizes that day! it was two sizes too small.
4. would you have a sugar daddy or sugar mama? can't. too sugary. i can't eat candy ever since my know now that i take a hard unvarnished stock of my life, i realize all of my girlfriends have been sugar mamas...
5. what's a sure sign that you need to get laid? i've been having bonechilling nightmares lately. sex is my only comfort. i wake up in a pool of lukewarm sweat. i barely escape these dusty dreams. i have to yowl and yell and yelp my head off just to switch to the living world like a hard reset. i look at my watch on the dresser next to the dollar bill and check the scores and yelp reviews. i am so cold in the sheets. of course this could have to do with the fact that i don't wear clothes anymore.

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ancilla_ksst said...

Great song! Always makes me want to fuck.

Jules said...

*Plant juice* *)

the late phoenix said...

ancilla: that video really got me into.................Street of Crocodiles

mah dahlin: tastes like water *)