Friday, November 3, 2017



* speaking of Royal, i need royalties.

* AVENGERS.........................DISASSEMBLE!!! but seriously, when are these Marvel movies gonna end?

* Dilbert: you wanted to see me in the penthouse glass suite, sir? what are you doing here?
Ferris Bueller: sitting on a swivel chair. i got lucky on a bet and never have to work again. i guessed that the Super Bowl Gatorade would be lavender, nobody else guessed lavender. but that doesn't mean i don't still collect checks from the government for being insane.

* Ferris: are you doing anything presently?
Chris Sarandon: at the moment i'm eating chips like a good burnout.
Ferris: you can only experience true happiness with your bros.
Sarandon: i thought playing video games would be a glamorous life. i was wrong.
Dilbert: much like doing porn.
Sarandon: i have no money to my name. you caught me eating lunch here without paying.
Dilbert: wait a minute, there are no bodegas in Los Angeles!

* Smashing Pumpkins "1979" shot

* McDonald's Arches give the set away

* Sarandon: you'll never snag Garcia, he's honest now. got himself a wife and kids...............which is ironic cos you'd think i'd be the one with a family cos i'm the cool one in the group.

* Garcia: if you play this back afterwards, you'll see that i have no lines.

* lady of the house: looking for William?
bros: milf.
William: that's not my mum, mates. that's Garcia's mom.

* Aubrey Plaza: don't play with darts, kid, you'll shoot your eye out.

* Ferris: you're too hot to be in our group. why didn't we date in high school?
Aubrey Plaza: you see all these kids? these are all Garcia's kids.

* Ferris: we booked you a sitter. William's woman. and she is all woman. meaning she is old.
Aubrey Plaza: is my name a name or a place?

* there's no baby in Aubrey's baby backpack. that's a potato.

* Suge Knight: who the fuck in my pool?
Suge's wife: sike! see, see? i was the player, not you. we faked out the audience. girls can play video games, too.

* Sarandon: can i stay in this jacuzzi? i'll pay rent.

* if you'll notice in the final squad shot, there are eight people. we obviously didn't see the story of the last dude in the back on the far left. maybe he's in the bonus features on the bluray. or Suge Knight just got a hell of a lot skinnier using a rubberband in one day.

* Aubrey: cool! the baby sling's hottub-proof!

* speaking of net worth, i need money. if i don't get money soon this fantasyland life of mine goes up in a puff of flavored smoke. which is ironic cos i've just started watching Escape from Tomorrow, which has become my favorite film of all time after only 15 minutes. if anyone out there reading this has any get-rich-quick schemes, please secretly slide them into my DMs when no one's looking.


happy weekend, my babies. last two months? of the year?


and check out the British and French versions. damn, video games are international! this has NOT been a commercial for cash was exchanged............


Jules said...

Lavender is my favourite smell.

I think you only experience true happiness with a good burn out. Or Smashing Pumpkins. Never video games. Or real life.

I’ll be sure to DM you with my ideas. You’re probably the only person who’ll get them *)

the late phoenix said...

Patrick Lavender was a childhood best friend of mine. he introduced me to '80s underground Nintendo culture.

virtual reality is the answer. and D'arcy needs to go solo.

having no funds is no fun *)