Monday, November 8, 2021



1. traditions. we all have them. some good. some, well, not so good. think for a minute, when you were a kid, what were your holiday traditions? do you still follow them today?

you're asking me to become nostalgic, i can do this, i can do this. the greatest day of my life after the birth of my son, that is the birth of the Earth Sun, was Christmas Day, 1985. that's when i got the Nintendo greybox and my life was never the same, for better and for worse. i mean 8-bit video games are cool but i have no friends now, so...

at midnight grandma woke me up even tho i was patiently sleeping for Santa the next morn but she said drinking was more important. she drank 11 hot toddies and gave me a teddy bear, that's where my drinking problem comes from but also my love of the Velveteen Rabbit. we sang "Tradition" from Fiddler On The Roof and woke up the neighbors. if only i had stayed on that stage...

the next morn grandma went away to a special hospital for the rest of her life...

2. how would you describe this stage of your life? it's like the 1986 Los Angeles Marathon, we all had no clue how good we had it back then, we were just living the good air and mob of non-computer friends also known as racers. a man breakdanced on the concrete and swung from the traffic light on the white gleaming Century City overpass and that was the first and final time i brokedanced cos i broke my back. dance BEFORE a marathon not after...

3. what is next for you? i'm scared. i don't know what the future holds. for some that's exciting, for others it's a nightmare. i want all my adventures planned like that Bayou Billy guy from The Weather Channel. my horoscope today warned of looking at the clock and seeing 9:11, that i was in for some upheaval. but i got some good news finally from MM so things are looking up. i will NOT jinx this!

4. what will you do this month to nourish you? drink lots of nut smoothies and continue with my cabana-boy lessons. they're saying Daylight Saving Time is bad for your mental health but how can that be? at least not THIS cycle, how can getting an extra hour of sleep be anything but benevolent?  

5. are you participating in Movember? i'm growing out my monk beard as best i can. but i got tempted when i saw that copper razor on tv. blame Brett Favre for advertising it so well. the monastery is sponsoring food drives giving all their earnings to cancer charities, i am proud to donate my one tomato that grew in my garden this year. my monk garden sucks.

BONUS: what is your motto in life?

remember when everyone had a motto? remember when everyone used the word motto? that was back in the '80s...


Jules said...

1: Yes. I still have a present on Christmas Eve to keep me from getting too over- excited and to make me stay in bed until 9 AM.

2: As an invisible person trying to be seen.

3: Trifle through a straw, mixed meds, black comedy and nostalgia.

4: Drink MPV’s.

5: No. I don’t do fads.

Bonus: Don’t die with the music still inside you.


the late phoenix said...

1. i dated Santa once, the problem is you can only date Santa for one day

2. you're gonna get more famous than Tom Hiddleston when your Loki movie comes out

3. we don't have a Great American Bakeoff, we have Gordon Ramsay

4. i'm loving your MPVs, my sweet, i replaced my coffees with them

5. but do you fall in love with other writers?

BONUS: those were Ian Curtis's last his head

love you, mah dahlin


Smu Doodle said...

Sounds like grandma got run over by a reindeer. A holiday tradition in my family too. However, there was nothing good about the air in LA in 1985, just a colorful coppery mist hanging around the hill tops making my throat burn, and I came from the rust belt.

Ho Ho Ho

the late phoenix said...

smu: yes it's true, the smog was a big thing for us growing up, our windshield wipers wiped the smog not any rainwater.