Monday, April 20, 2020


1. do you like pain? only the Naruto character

2. would you say you have a high or low tolerance for pain?

i like it rough, so physically, yes. the emotional side of it is more tricky. when she berates me in front of my father in the room with us, belittles me, tells me i will never amount to anything, when i cum off that it's a bit embarrassing, the parrot looks at me funny.

3. true or false: i like to receive pain during sex:

false. i like to receive the phone bill.

4. finish this sentence: i like inflicting pain during sex because...

it makes me think of the phone again, i mean just take a step back and think of the song "Regret" by New Order. just think about New Order: imagine instead of New Order Ian had lived and it had been Joy Division creating all those records through the years and decades the '80s and the '90s till now in the present, 2020.

like imagine "Regret" being performed by Joy Division. how would that sound like? how would that look like? Joy Division as a millennial band. picture Kurt Cobain for that matter, what kind of song would Kurt Cobain make today? in 2020. what would that song sound like?

5. what's your preference?
a) wearing nipple clamps for 8 hours
b) receiving 20 minutes of spanking session using hands and paddle
c) getting your cock & balls smacked...only for those who have testicles...
d) heavy flogging

the paddle cos i'm training for the ping-pong team for the Olympics. in Tokyo 202---ONE. i wouldn't have made the team if they were held this year. now i have an extra year to practice. dusting off my Wii. i like to play in the attic where it's quiet, the Wii collects dust there. i tried to get into Flogging Molly but i just couldn't...

BONUS: what is the best thing that a woman can do to you in bed? wear nine-inch heels



ancilla_ksst said...

I'll have mine with a side of extra restraint please.

Bathwater said...

Yeah, I wasn't too excited by these Tuesday questions. I have a good tolerance for pain but don't like it in bed. The best thing a woman could do right now...spoon :).

the late phoenix said...
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the late phoenix said...

ancilla: it's funny how restraint means one thing and also the opposite of that one thing

bath: Uri Geller is a pimp

Jules said...

1: No.

2: Medium

3: On a mental level

4: I have major insecurities in real life

5: Spanking - I’m British

6: Take over for me whilst I make a bacon sandwich


the late phoenix said...

mah dahlin:

5. you and Madonna

6. and a Snausage sandwich for Tex

i'll wear the nine-inch platform shoes in bed and you can throw a rubber flower at my nose, it's only fair