Monday, January 27, 2020


i mean she got Lenny Kravitz AND Aquaman

1. in a D/S relationship (dominance & submission), what do you enjoy most?

the dinner and the sugar. just kidding. as you know, i LOVE to be dominated by women: sexually, intellectually, and otherwise. my favorite sex position? Amazon-position. when SHE does Amazon-position! when she does Amazon-position whilst ordering Amazon with her toes whilst curling MY toes!

2. what do you want people most to know about D/S relationships?

EVERYONE does it. even if they think they don't. look back at your past supposed "conquests"...… were the one made to heel. to the power of love. love heals. it's in the words you use to each other, the subtle mind games. that "I love you" that comes at just the perfect right time after lunch.

3. for you, does D/S need to have a sadist and masochist component?

yes but no. it's the dynamic, the flow of interplay that's interesting. the thing is, you think you're on top of the situation when you were really the bottom the whole time all along. you think you're putting one over on when she removed the e from one just under your feet with a karate leg-sweep. like Oscar Wilde said, sex is about power. Oscar was a powerful man, he wore those heavy furry coats even during the summers. and indoors! not just outside under the stars when he made his famous stars quote.

4. for you, does BDSM have to involve sex?

no, but it must involve books. but my local library hardly carries any books anymore. it just carries old cut-with-a-saw smelly stained tomes of all the Harry Potters and Clifford, that's it, no Marquis de Sade, no Machiavelli. and adult coloring books, tons and tons of adult coloring books. Books Dog Sade Machiavelli, that's the secret sauce.

5. if you are in a D/S relationship, why do you need it?

i can't get off to normal sex. when my partner Archer comes over after breakfast, i'm still in the mood. for cereal. with ice cubes. but Archer is always in the mood to heat things up. he always arrives with one of those full black-latex body-rubber-suits wth no airholes punched through, THAT will get you hot in a hurry!

6. if you are not in a D/S relationship, would you like to be?

only if there's conversation also. i like to talk. before, during, and after. i talk to Archer about how the show is gonna survive their last season without Adam as the lead writer. after all, Adam created the show. Archer tells me never meet your heroes. not referring to Adam nor me. for Archer, the only heroes are sports heroes. his hero was that black Doctor Who who was Doctor Who before Jodie that no one knows about. Archer tells me the reason he married Lana was cos he didn't like her...

BONUS: what is the relationship between trust and vulnerability?

there is no love without trust. that's why i'm fucked and can only fuck. i don't trust myself. the only person i trust is Fox Mulder who has trust issues. the only people i can ever open up to are my psychiatrists, but they keep our talks secret so the rest of the world can never see the open me. people call me prickly but they've never seen me drink cactus soda.



Bathwater said...

I don't think I am the type for a D/S relationship.

ancilla_ksst said...

"i can't get off to normal sex. when my partner Archer comes over after breakfast, i'm still in the mood. for cereal."

I can't either. I want cereal. I had to stop buying it because I have such an unhealthy relationship with cereal. (tip: Don't stand up in your Weight Watchers meeting to ask how many points for one family size box of Cheerios- it's embarrassing).

Beatrix_B said...

Your responses are thought-provoking as usual! Haha! (And yeah, Lisa Bonet wins at life, big time.)

the late phoenix said...

bath: I thought I wasn't either...till I saw that Doctor Who/The Master Jodie/Sacha scene...

ancilla: heehee. I mourn for my cereal. I used to love two simple cereals the best---Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat---i'd always get them together and pair them like wine. but I haven't seen them in like a decade, they must have been discontinued, at least at my Store

beatrix: I still wish Lisa had stayed on A Different World...