Monday, December 16, 2019


1. have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

yes. i was working late in the lab, doing "seasonal" holiday hours which just means you work long hours during the holidays and it sucks. then she came in, a vision in yellow!, and Amazon-position-sexed me so hard i went blind, that's why i need glasses. and that's why she's a Power Ranger.

that's how it should have gone down, when Scrozzle trapped the Rangers into ornament balls on that Christmas tree. but alas, no kiss, even tho it's Nickelodeon and not Disney...

2. eggnog or hot chocolate?

i can't have nog anymore after Nog from Deep Space Nine died. in memory of Mr. Roper whenever i get offered hot chocolate i tell the person,

"hey, can you make it stronger? i'm feeling like a strong drink today, can you convert that chocolate into cocoa? you know what to do..."

3. colored or white lights on a Christmas tree?

come on, let's come together this Christmas, we have to, we NEED to, or we'll be divided forever. whatever you do, don't use the blinking lights, the cats will go crazy...

4. real or fake Christmas Tree?

i love the scent of pine in the morning. i love it under my bed sheets first thing in the morning, in my nose, overpowering my den, and in my cocoa. whenever i smell pine i think about how long it's been since Gravity Falls was canceled...

but alas, no more. i have cats now so it's gonna be plastic pines from now on. sometimes i fart in my den and it's so strong my cats cover their little wet Triforce noses with their paws. but you know, it just isn't the same...

5. what tops your Christmas tree?

my cat. me. my grandma sleeping.

6. candy canes: yuck or yum?

just don't get the chocolate ones...

7. what is your favorite holiday dessert?

Reese's chocolate trees. it doesn't make a lick of sense, right? but it's festive. they are simply Reese's peanut-butter-cups shaped like a Christmas tree, but they taste DIFFERENT somehow, BETTER. it's a unique taste, a holiday texture on my tongue, feels good in my mouth, it tastes just right for the time, they just...…...TASTE LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!

BONUS: are you going on holiday during the December holiday season? where?

i'm a bear. as in i'm hibernating in my cave this entire month until all the parties and end-of-year things are over so i can pop my snow-covered head back out, see Thumper, and know it's safe again to come out...



Bathwater said...

They forgot to ask about favorite holiday song. I am partial to the Charlie Brown Christmas sound track.

I have kissed someone under the mistletoe. The question is when will I do it again!

the late phoenix said...

Bathwater: I always confuse "Carol of the Bells" with "Tubular Bells"...

your New Year's resolution 2020: I see in my crystal ball that you'll end up with Billy again, well at least you may have closure with her finally.

happy holidays to you and yours, my friend, and good luck with the surgery