Friday, September 3, 2021



* omg i JUST NOW remembered Nick did a reboot of the Summer Sanders show with Pick Boy as host! forgot all about that show! 

* Nagisa from Assassination Classroom in a robe: i don't want to waste my twenties.
Koro-sensei: son you have no idea how lucky you have it, you can afford to waste your twenties when you're 20. don't be like me, don't be wasting your twenties when you're 40. is that a flash sheet you have in your hand? what tat are you getting on your shoulderbone?
Nagisa: no it's flash paper.
Koro-sensei: don't do it, son! it's not worth it. magicians don't actually exist!!!

* Koro-sensei: remember, boy, when you have to sneeze, sneeze into your elbow.
Nagisa: easy for you to say, you got 8 elbows.

* Mr Maruchan: GOLD? craft ramen noodles? so instead of breaking the noodles the noodles come in a cute bird's-nest? 
Takahashi: instead of powder we get a bag of oil.
Mr Maruchan: but there's not even chicken flavor. if you're gonna go to all the trouble don't just have soy-sauce flavor!

* Pizzabot: hey, at least i still worked while everyone else who would have populated Power Ranger shows had to find a job at the Nick gas station.

* okay i'm not gonna do the Fancy Like Applebee's song and you know why

* Peloton trainer: i only give it up for plant dads! 
Mardith: ooooh, subtle lesbian getting down on one knee marriage proposal there...
Alex eating figs: higo mi amigo

* Ernesto from Amazon: your mom and bro heard that last thing you said, man. peace.

* Samsung girl: no, i don't want BTS. i was on this subway train cos i thought this would be Utada.

* Richard Roeper: Camilla Cabello is a REVELATION!!!.........GOD i miss Ebert.

* Serena Williams in Wonder Woman suit: THIS is why i missed the U.S. Open.
John McEnroe: um, can i have ANYTHING ELSE be my line. can i say ANYTHING else.

* Metro: who do i want to win cricket? England. no, India.

* Cry Macho: wait, this is REAL? i seriously thought this was a joke. this is a REAL movie?
Clint Eastwood: machismo sucks. machismo won't get you anywhere in life. i'm only saying this cos Biden won. i'm 91 and i'm still making movies! speaking of sucks i need a lozenge...

* Selena Gomez: i solved a murder at that restaurant. the murder of my childhood. no wine will EVER be served at Olive Garden.

happy weekend, my babies

TOMORROW: a taqueria blanketed by a rainbow zarape, Seaside serape, Mexican in midtown. let's see if the Super Burrito compares to the Chipotle burrito down the street


Jules said...

England. Duh!

But Olive Garden give you soup with your meal and lovely garlic breadsticks before you've even bought anything!

Happy weekend my sweet*)

the late phoenix said...

Selena Gomez was served wine when she was a kid. mah dahlin, let's go to Olive Garden and share that enormous meatball that's as big as the moon!!! we'll do a Lady and the Tramp on it

Happy Labor Day, my sweet, wink wink

love you