Monday, October 21, 2019


1. can you handle the truth? yes cos i'm a Scientologist now

2. a couple of October holidays are coming up. do you participate in Halloween or Dia de los Muertos? how?

Dia de los Muertos is that lucha libre thing, right? where you put on facepaint and sprout wings and fly and wrestle into the pile with the rest of the man-birds for the last concha. then later you wrestle with Concha at her moonlit apartment overlooking the earthquake cracks. Jack Black was an athlete before he became an actor......wrestling? no, it's gotta be roller-derby, right?...

3. do your parents/parent like your significant other?

no, they hate him. which is kinda sad cos my significant other is me.

4. right now what do you need most: love or validation?


i'd say getting my parking validated but i've never driven...

5. you are singing in the shower. what song do you want to belt out?


BONUS: what's your damage?

see, there are a lot of good scripts out there. but what raises a film above? wordsmithing.

you know the best part of Heathers? it's that the author created a brand new term. when you can create a whole other way for people to express ourselves not heretofore entered into the lexicon, that humans now use regularly, a new word, a new turn of phrase, a new concept, a new idea, that's when you move from good to ICONIC.

Heathers CREATED what's your damage!!!



Bathwater said...

Heathers is a classic movie. Probably too politically in correct for today! Damage is such an appropriate word.

the late phoenix said...

bath: yes, absolutely!...…...excuse me for a moment while my cyberbrain hard-resets to forget that 2018 TV Land Heathers reboot...

Jules said...

1: Yes. Especially on Wednesdays.

2: No. I celebrate whatever takes my fancy.

3: I am the most significant thing to consider.

4: Love. That’s all anybody needs. With that comes everything - particularly validation. ( Moot )

5: Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Bonus: I only speak proper English.


the late phoenix said...

1. Wednesdays is our time, right, mah dahlin?

2. cat's got my tongue

3. Billy Corgan agrees

4. love can move mountains...except Mount Fuji...

5. that song's about golden showers, right?

bonus: you invented it, you're The Queen

love ya *)