Monday, June 3, 2019


1. when you post on your blog, whis is your main goal? to find a wife.

2. what are some questions your blog readers should be asking you but they are not?

am i real?

are they real?

wait, i have blog readers?

3. what is a great blog post that you have read lately? (leave a link of the post)


right? i've always admired my friend the German Spanish writeress seductress, admired her from afar. this seems to be her swan song, if it is, WHAT a way to end it! right? i mean this is the post to drop the mic with, to allow her readers to really reside and contemplate from on high her typed words on a cloud, make you think about what really is important, realize that it's not about followers, it's about the dark truth that your friends---not your followers---are never coming back...

it is stark. it is final. the meditation on loss is neverending…


to this day, the blog with the BEST name of all time. she is the writer i imagine, envision, the writer i yearn to be, infused with mischievous mystery and delicious desire, she tempts with her pen and allows no one in. her words are catapults into slight cracks in Dove chocolate mega-caramel bullet ice-cream square bars of yore and sexual elicitation and problematic philosophies of Greek and Roman long ago not suited for this world.

she is what i aspire to, SHE is the very definition of FREEDOM, she is what writing IS. unfortunately, she is a dying breed. blogspot used to be littered with lit literature, with those of her kind, her species, a certain wonderfully slanted view of life and hope and wisdom and vire and documentation. we were treasured and blessed with many of her ilk, but sadly, she is the lone, the only one who survived the Meteor. so appreciate her while you and she still can, may she continue writing into the afterlife, and hope your afterlife is the same as you can finally meet and go over all those askance references she cheekily littered throughout her confirm...

may her long journey bear fruit, may she find what she's looking for, fondly, even if it ends up elusive, may she find love, and may we be her fruitflies along for the hay ride.

i know, it's a summer bummer, no one's around anymore, everyone's moved over to Instagram...for better or worse...

the love here is hard-won and hard-earned, battle scars from a society that will never fit her grandeurous insight, revealing and rapturous...

4. how long have you been blogging? i'm like Ray from The Promised Neverland, i can't remember a time i WASN'T blogging. i blogged before i was born, when i was but a speck of sand that got caught in the glinting eyeteeth of my Father Jesus H. Christ, the stuff dreams are made of.

speaking of, Mom from The Promised Neverland, now THERE's a milf!

5. considering your current blog, what are the top two most popular posts you have written?

Jade McCarthy is my ALL-TIME most-popular post EVER. i can see why, but at the same time, she is a rather random babe. she was on ESPN for a minute till she got pregnant. ain't that always the way...

also there was a post of mine that was QUITE popular judging from their own built-in stat machine and vigilant cos it had links to a lot of weirdness, this was back in the day when i was weirder than i am now. i have since learned a lot of restraint and control when it comes to my emotional off-the-cuff writing in the interim. BlogSpot stepped in and threatened to hold up my entire blog unless and until i got rid of this particular post. it wasn't the weirdness they objected to but rather all the links littered throughout like the spaghetti strings of a hurricane map. Maria LaRosa, please come back to The Weather Channel!!!

nowadays, this blog really serves one purpose: to keep me sane. nobody comes round no more, it's more of a personal diary i write out in the open. not to say that that's a bad thing, in fact it can be quite therapeutic, and it's the only therapy i will ever be able to afford...

until i learn not to have a coffee fit over my tea-fit tea mailed to me in bulk and brown tape. until i learn how to project my feelings onto the Medieval-era castles i used to work in in my past life as a Medieval page like the Brits do when strangers come to town.



Jules said...

1: To polarise opinion.

2: If I want to go on a Cinnabon date and what are my morning meditations.

3: I read one about how dating sucks. Full of despair and beautifully written.

4: Too long. It’s time to go.

5: Hell Dust and Awkward Annie.

ancilla_ksst said...

I am a blog reader. I have a question. Are you blog posts planned out or more stream of consciousness written?

the late phoenix said...

mah dahlin: shake it like a Polaroid picture

KFC Cinnabon Biscuits

i'm scared of dating...cos what if the KFC is closed?

Awkward Annie's only cure for awkwardness is Hell Dust. sniff a pound of the good stuff up her nose and suddenly she becomes Broadway Annie!


ancilla: well I try to plan months ahead and think up the basic structure of the story, time permitting, but honestly when I get right down to writing it on the day i'm pretty much stream-of-consciousnessing the actual granular details of each word of the piece, you know?, like I know broadly what I want to include but I don't know quite where it all fits in and which word I'm going to use where to get there, but I try to connect my disparate thoughts all together in a web in the end somehow