Monday, July 9, 2018


R.I.P. Boner. i still think about him.

1. what is the most marvelous thing you have ever seen? Maisel. and Smilla's Sense of Snow. oh Smilla, your sense of snow is equaled only by your sense of love! i would have added and your sense of justice to that infamous Family Guy clip quip.

Greenland is not an area often showcased by the lit spotlight of Hollywood so i give the film credit for that and appreciate. the movie was beautiful, i got lost in the dreamy-white frosty-tundra scapes, the scope of the place, igloo-bunker-mentality innovation, and the call of the wolf wild. the more i live the more i've come to recognize the importance of representation in media, i used to think such things were fodder. it was delightful to see the Inuit mother and child held in high prominence, the Northern Exposure ethos alive and well and writ large on screens dug for silver.

Gabriel Byrne gives a bravado performance:
The Mechanic: Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla Smilla

and of course the movie was beautiful because Julia Ormond. she has to be the most beautiful woman to ever live. beautifullest detective with arctic worms? she's certainly the hottest shrink of all time. really wish there had been a second year of just Goren and his police psychologist, of all my rotten luck the last year this show started to get transcendentally good they cancel the CI thing with the L&O farm. maybe it was just i was really into psychiatry-as-dark-arts during this period. more were best. Goren vs. Severin, where the only two winners are hate and love. no need to lose your job for going fully-nude model, definite Mick-Jagger-the-shrink-seducer potential in this small cramped windowless room. when you seduce your own shrink, who foots the tab for therapeutic footsie? Severin, perfect name for the severe beauty.

otherworldly seeing Peter Capaldi and his moptop in this. think about this, he is already 40 years old at the time. go on and escape in his blue mode-of-transport, Smilla Smilla. time will tell. who knew, right? thank Boe he wasn't relegated to being another Bond villain stiff in a casino. even back then his (babyface) face was rubbery...

the critics didn't like the original author of the book's next offering. they were incapable of understanding it, left the critics cold...

2. are you a starter or a finisher? always the finisher. my room is a sticky mess

3. when did your heart last skip a beat? why? just now. cos i have a heart condition. i got 99 problems and a heart problem is one. the doctor i mean dentist tells me i will die if i don't brush my teeth first thing every morning. talk about pressure.

4. what does your perfect day look like? playing chess in the park with Lou Reed. Lou Reed lets me win again. his gravelly voice matches his gravelly face, he spits and coughs and nothing comes out but his next song he's working on's refrain and last verse. the only acid that comes from his mouth is in his tongue...

5. what would you call your autobiography? The Impossible Job (go England! in this year's World Cup final)

bonus: how does it feel to be photographed? violated. i don't like my body read by anyone other than Harry Pooter uh Potter. post-Rear Window life will never be the same. but i'm using this as motivation to chip away and eventually feel empowered by all this. after all, i am a Russian wedding photographer on Instagram, i can take it. i come from tough film stock. i am hard like Greenland winter, so hard Soviet Russia ban me. i have followed 10 billion people on Instagram.

i'm not gonna say anything, i'm not gonna jinx it


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