Monday, January 30, 2017


1. your current home: house? apartment? trailer? condo? other? jungalow
2. which is bigger, your childhood home or your current home? please. i can't. whenever i think of my tiny little beige only-child childhood home with the beige windows and beige lawn in Van Nuys i cry. that's where i first met Link. and the Princess when i got older.
3. which is better, childhood or current home? my current home won't allow smoking.

4. what was your favorite subject in school? (high school, college, grad school) why was this your favorite subject? imagining. cos i could be Link. what's grad school? oh i just found out grad school is a place i can keep imagining...
5. are you currently working in a field you studied in college? sure. i mean i'm a blogger. i minored in herbal science. i don't use that one unless i get really sick.

6. describe your first job. Burger King bathroom...
7. what was your favorite job and why? Burger King. cos i got the key to the bathroom.

bonus: what haven't we talked about in TMI Tuesday that you would like to discuss? i want to read everyone's secret family recipes. i'm hungry. and thirsty. all the time



Jenny Baranick said...

I was just in the Valley. I saw the beige lawns.

the late phoenix said...

please visit if you're ever in town. VAN NUYS IS NOT THE HOME OF PORN!!! VAN NUYS IS WHERE I'M FROM!!! ;)