Monday, January 9, 2017


1. true or false: falling in love is a serious thing to do. explain. it's a serious addiction and must be thought of as such. i mean even Elvis himself couldn't help himself.

2. finish this sentence: i never knew _______ like this. pain. i mean rain. no flooding yet though the river has crested and the banks overtopped. they keep telling me about the flood threat but so far it's been just a threat. fingers-crossed emoji. cutting into my cartoons but whatever. i got sandbags and put them along the street curb. my next-door neighbor made fun of me and said the sandbags belonged against my garage door. that was the first time my neighbor paid me a visit in ten years. ten years ago he knocked on my door in the middle of the night to inform me the back sliding door of my volvo trunk was wide open. before i could thank him with my cottonmouth he got into my vulnerable volvo and sped away.

3. would you rather swim with sharks you know have recently bitten people or swallow live worms? why did you make that choice? the trick is to get the sharks to eat the worms. sharks are more afraid of you than you are of sharks. they just don't show it. they're very glassy-eyed. remember Fear Factor where you ate worms for money? now Joe Rogan does MMA which is kind of the same thing.

4. what is beautiful and most appealing about you? i had a banana right now to think about this one. i promise to refrain from any banana-peel puns.

5. what time is it RIGHT NOW? what were you doing before you started to play TMI TUESDAY? The Eternal Moment of Now. had a banana. that banana from before was my second banana. i'm always the second banana.

bonus: are you a little bit damaged? how so? somewhat, CLICK HERE



Jules said...

I think that falling in love with bananas is a very serious thing. Especially the second time around. *)

the late phoenix said...

most slip on a banana and fall. it takes a big man to get back up and admit he has fallen in love with a banana. monkeys do this everyday *)