Monday, June 20, 2016


no, not the Game of Thrones thing, it was the series finale of Vicious last night. i am so depressed. more than usual. i'll miss inhabiting those intimate characters and that intimate world. Ash will make it in New York, unfortunately. Mason and Violet are soulmates. i'm so happy: all you can ask for in life. i don't watch Game of Thrones!!!

1. you are looking at your lover. you say "i'd love to_______." love you. both meanings.

2. in a chat with your best female friend you say, "you look really sexy when you wear______." platonic pants

3. name the one piece of lingerie you'd love to see a man wear. a One Piece union suit. with Luffy's face on the man's crotch.

4. i wish i did more_________in bed: CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

5. i ABSOLUTELY love when you kiss my_________ uvula. thank you. i couldn't say thank you without my uvula.

bonus: tell us your favorite sexual memory of you and your most current or recent lover: we're strollin'. on the beach. at moonlight. it's not a sad summer. it's a sand summer. JUST THEN The Sandman approaches and lures us to his summer cabin before disappearing. there's nothing we can do, he has us under his spell. there at the cabin, Neil Gaiman is giving a lecture. my most recent current lover and i decide to see where the evening takes the three of us. the spell worked. the lecture is so boring we both fall fast asleep.



Jules said...

The sandman lured me into a cabana. Not even kidding. He lured me in AND I got a cabana boy!! *Only in Cali*

the late phoenix said...

Cali is the best, huh? The Sandman is your cabana boy?! i'm jealous..........and getting sleepy........

strained pineapples all around on the house! *)