Friday, June 17, 2016



* warning: sponsored content

* not everyone can live in the white house.

* this saddens me. i mean what i wouldn't give to have long hair like that and you callously rip it off.

* warning: a lot of shouting, wailing, crying, and cursing at one's fate. don't watch at night, you'll scare the neighbors. don't watch at day, you'll scare your sleeping cats.

* never leave your door unlocked.

* he's wearing a black suit. on stage that always means something.

* bacon: there will be a reckoning.

* people, people who need people...............sometimes need to be alone...

* this is reverse Animal Farm.

* mud pie, not the same as dirt pie

* relationships are hard

* don't worry, just a green shirt, not the Hulk

* his voice isn't weird. your ears are weird.

* that's what God looks like?................okay, yeah, that makes sense...

* advising the internet? he's the devil

* lies save lives

* do you know who i am?

* pizza: there will be a reckoning.

* God's wrath

* you can't really have two best friends.

* yep, the ol' internet black hole. or rather the wikipedia Great Blue Hole as in all those shiny blue links. damn you, wikipedia, you know exactly what you're doing! make all those blue links black so we can't see them.

* the sign for jizz and sprinkler are the same, gotta watch yourself when you're in polite company at a summer soiree.

* clap on, clap off, the clapper! didn't you see that commercial? the clapper is only for old ladies.

* not part of the show but an aside: hey guys, it's finally happened: i'm full crazy.

* Frieza


happy weekend. have fun tonight!


Jules said...

Yes i know who you are and it's OK to eat bacon pizza. *)

the late phoenix said...

i used to go to The Store and order pizza at the deli. the disgruntled worker would walk in a huff over to the pizza aisle, remove the lid of the box, and walk back and cook the little slice in the big oven and look leeringly at me as he cut the chicken and bacon for the toppings. i don't eat pizza anymore *)