Friday, June 3, 2016



* unfortunately there won't be a 2017 for any of us...

* epic fail on the epic fail

* twitter sucks.

* started from the bottom now we rear

* blue whale: if the ocean thing doesn't work out, there's always porn.

* thought it was gonna be other toys

* Hector Ramirez: News You Can Trust. He Won't Bullshit You.

* there will be a reckoning, Mitch.

* anxiety? spank it. the anal antidote

* stuffed-animal pee is the worst to clean off.

* Bruce: it's not my fault. blame Old Gregg.

* she is literally hot shit.

* see? a society without privacy would be messy. anyone know Edward Snowden's email?

* sports are kinda silly, huh?

* solution: teleprompter

* all it takes is one bad day...

* Chip got down.

* cool as the other side of the pillow

* the bag of lime is for the fajitas later.

* Bruce: my new aftershave is called Cum. Latin for with.

* Bruce: you've run out of woodchippers?! in Fargo, North Dakota?! need some hounds. anyone know Monty Burns's email?

* if time travel exists, why didn't you bump into a time traveler from the future walking down the street on your way to Starbucks?

* they're bloopers of the human condition.

* yeah i mean think of that initial pitch meeting for the pet rock.

* Bruce: my car smells like dead wait, that's just me.

* Bruce: i just wanted you to leave the refrigerator. i know it's you eating my fajitas. the baggie is clearly marked MINE.

* Bruce: not Satanic chanting, Latin chanting.


happy weekend


Jules said...

Haha! Epic fail on the epic fail! Twitter sucks from both sides. These are genius. Happy weekend, my sweet *)

the late phoenix said...

wait, it's almost Monday? i gotta stop watching all this anime. where does all the time go?...*)