Friday, February 19, 2016



* Vault Boy: charisma? i thought you said another word that sounds similar.
narrator: that's disgusting!
Vault Boy: carrom, i thought you said carrom.
narrator: no.
Vault Boy: nok hockey?

* meatball sub: $55
narrator: hey, you have to pay for clean and wholesome.

* that guy deliberately aimed for and hit the mother of the family in that picture with his dart! not cool.

* only Lando Calrissian can do the fingerguns.

* narrator: Vault Boy! don't trade your teddy bear for a fan! you can't love a fan!

* ponytail woman stabs Vault Boy in the eye.
Vault Boy uses charisma.
ponytail woman only stabs him in the hand.

* Vault Boy: what's in that clear jug of alcohol?
ponytail woman: eyes.
Vault Boy (wanting to appear manly in front of ponytail): aye *swigs*

* Vault Boy comes to outside tied to a post and naked.
narrator: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....................cos there is no more Vegas.

* a big bear approaches naked Vault Boy and licks him.
Vault Boy: okay, this is nice, but this is not the bear i want.

* a dog bites into Vault Boy's bite suit.
Vault Boy: this is not right. this is not how it should be. something's wrong here. you are man's best friend. i am man. or boy....................wait, i got it.
Vault Boy exits and returns with a cone of shame around his neck.

* sing a love song to yourself. nobody else is gonna do it.

* loyalty is hard. buy a gun.


happy weekend


Jules said...

Loyalty is rare. Mine is late - sorry *)

the late phoenix said...

love ya <3 *)