Wednesday, March 7, 2012



first, click on fruit tits for #3 in the series

so how you liking my S series so far? all the post titles start with the letter S, it's a Sesame Street thing, y'know, yeah, good times...sigh


'twas not an OPTICAL illusion,
we were both here, at Flip Fantasia, together at last,
grooving to some horns and trumpets,
and brassing it up with our newly-found jazz moves.

we are meant to die
we won't show our cries
we loved, and failed hard
we dance, 'cause it's our part

are you dancing to this? show me, send a proof pic/proof video of you dancing to this music, email it to me...okay, you don't have to do that, but it'd be nice to hear that you actually did dance to this, that would make me smile inside. i can't smile outside anymore, too much depression has damaged my mouth muscles...




Anonymous said...

I'm hyped now. I danced and I jumped roped for not quite 1 min. Woo Hoo!
Flip Fantasia

funky, funky

Btw...I like your fruit tits. You're always teasing me with those nip pics. You know I love 'em.



KaziG said...

I think the series is shaping up nicely ;)
And it's got such a great background...

No, can't honestly say I ever danced to that...


~Kazi xxx

Cheeky Minx said...

Fruit and groove... Now, we're talkin' babe... ;-)

Jack and Jill said...

Pretty cool! We hadn't noticed that the initials all started with 'S'. Very nice.

boneman said...

Well, fancy cut canteloupes...woohoo.
Then again, it's just a waste of time with me.
I slam those down as fast as watermelon. computer (or Chrome, one) has been throwing fits at me lately. I just barely dodged the last fit it threw. Just so slow and chatters away like an electronic Alvin Chipmunk. So, I'll have to go somewhere there's a decent computer to see/hear the music.
But then, I rarely dance.
At least in public.
Course there was that time I dropped a staple gun on my foot and started dancing around on one leg and foot (the other foot) and when I turned around, half the dance floor had picked up on my moves...
Maybe I should have tried harder to get a job like Danny Kaye, Gene Kelley, or Buddy Ebsen.

the late phoenix said...

hedone: *jump rope*, i know what that means, that's slang, right? see, i'm hip, i check out urbandictionary daily

kazi: the nipples are starting to get thirsty, they need water after standing around for hours waiting to get photo'd

cheeky: veg and groove just doesn't have quite the same flair

jj: Sesame Street > school

bone: as you know from my previous post, Alvin was woodchippered to death, but there are conspiracy theorists out there who claim that a staple gun was in fact involved...

the late phoenix said...

daisy: i love your melons...we're still talking about fruit tits here, right? wink wink :)

Anonymous said...

Fruit tits! That made me chuckle. Never noticed the S series...just too busy deciphering your series. ;) Thanks for playing along!

the late phoenix said...

clan: sometimes i can't decipher my own series <---i guess the plural of *series* is *series*

viemoira said...

I like your points.