Monday, March 5, 2012


have you noticed something? take any successful drama or sit-com on tv, even a long-running cartoon show, and invariably there will be one episode entitled "BLAST FROM THE PAST," that term is just too good to pass up, it's either the episode where the main character literally goes back in a time machine to right a wrong, or perhaps the one where he receives a visit from an old girlfriend or whatever, but believe you me, that episode will be entitled BLAST FROM THE PAST.

1. have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with an opposite-sexer without anything steamy happening? i once had an old girlfriend visit me after some time, the only steam occurring was the steam coming out her ears, she was still mad at me over that thing i did. after morning tea, i took her back home in a time machine...

2. when it comes to swinging or partner-swapping, which would excite you more, watching or being watched? i ALWAYS love being watched in whatever i'm doing, from sex to eating a corn-dog, guess it's the frustrated actor in me. wait, i can still do this acting thing, i've got an audition later, wait, that fell through...what were we talking about again? i'm sick over this, time for lunch, come watch me eat a corn-dog out of the park.

3. would you vote for a candidate caught in a sex scandal? i have never voted for a candidate who WASN'T in a sex scandal, that's a big thing for me, all the tax talk blurs after awhile, but one thing i know about deep down is making love, and that's what all of this is about: pure, innocent love, makes me want to have a beer with that candidate, he's just one of the guys after all...

4. do you masturbate to porn, and if so, what's your favorite genre? the fact that porn HAS genres makes me smile inside. my favorite porn is the one where the first line of dialogue spoken after the pizza man answers the door is "Up the ass?". that's so direct and majestic, i wish i had that pizza boy's confidence with women. i tend to peruse the FIRST TIME ANAL titles, i love that concept, of course the girls in these probably aren't first-timers, but i like the concept nonetheless, i imagine, i dream. oh, and of course, you know me, the more gallons of sticky, hot, white cum all over the place and all over the bodies when the porn proceedings are finished, the better.

5. what are three mistakes someone could make on a first date which would make you turn down the second date with them? i'm a straight male blogger, this question falls out of my reality, i'd never turn down a second date with ANYONE, man or woman, i LIKE that people are flawed, the more flaws, the more attractive to me, all "MISTAKES" are learning opportunities and teachable moments. okay, but for real, if you wear puce, if you like spotted owls, and if you're a Nadal fan, i can't have that, i can't HAVE that in my house, *tear*...sorry

bonus: is your sex drive in park, neutral, or over-drive? explain. take a look at the three bottom pics in my post here, right up there. you tell me which pic you'd follow. i like a nice stroll in the park to let my dogs and mini-dogs breathe, i like overdrive distortion as much as the next fellow, but i can't, and i KNOW you could never, turn down any command given by the pained, sultry, ocean-blue, Sherlock-Holmes-intelligent eyes of one Dr. Gregory House.




Jack and Jill said...

We are mesmerized by the pink and black shorts in the fourth picture from the bottom.

Great answers as always, but we really like the honesty of #5. Also, thank you for numbering the questions. Makes it so much easier to comment on a specific one.

Anonymous said...

2. are crazy

4. *big smile*

Bonus: I need to watch you eat a corn-dog.

Btw...Love the pics. I love to be rimmed and have my ass eaten so thost pics were HOT.

Happy TMI Tuesday


Mia Wallace said...

Your answer to #3 really makes sense. I'm sure political candidates were having sex WAY before they thought to run for office, so sure, some things might come from the past to bite them in the ass. I mean, after all, we don't live life *in case* we get political callings...

KaziG said...

Ah, a frustrated actor type, I love you!
But we are over before we've begun, for alas... I like spotted owls...


~Kazi xxx

Katie Archer said...

i think if i watch you eat a corn dog would turn me on too much! lol...

so did you enjoy the carrots? i think that the KFC PP will be on my list of comfort foods, like when i'm sick or in need of warmth.

Happy Blogging

the late phoenix said...

jj: i belonged to that same tribe which worshipped pink monkeys and bears, but had to get out eventually, was becoming too much of a cult

hedone: loves to have ass eaten, noted

mia: honestly, i hate all politics, it's a giant waste of time and boring as hell

kazi: okay, i don't hate spotted owls, i guess i'm just jealous, they're so much smarter than i

arch: corn dog > KFC carrots