Saturday, March 31, 2012


my babies, do you hear that sound? it's the sound of your Brackets breaking when Duke and Missouri went out early, it's the sound of a money waterfall falling out of your betting bank box into the streets. i hear that sound, too, i can sympathize, but now i hear another sound: the renewed sound of basketball shoes squeaking on a court, that lovely sound of a ball bouncing up and down like so much toned tits. folks, it's that time of year again, this Monday night is the championship game between Kentucky and Kansas. you know how to play, right? predict the score of the final game, follow my lead, the one closest to the actual wins. now it's been 0-2 with these games of mine, STILL no one has won the game because everyone has picked the frickin' losing team!!!! let's change this, i need a turn in the right direction here, i need to FINALLY award the winner that unsolicited email which i will compose expressly for the winning her or him only after i've downed an entire case of Mello Yello. make it happen! PLAY, PLAY!!!



the late phoenix said...

kentucky 70-60

Anonymous said...

The sun will indeed shine bright on my old Kentucky home.

'Cats 78-71

Drenchxoxo said...

Kentucky 68 - Kansas 59

Jax said...

Kansas 62 Kentucky 58

the late phoenix said...

graphicus: noted, home is where the heart is

drench: noted, nice to hear from you again, babe

jax: oh thanks, you choosing Kansas ensures a winner this time, i love you for that

"the balls are tipped..."

the late phoenix said...

KENTUCKY 67-59, drench wins! she missed it by just one point, impressive

let's all hope that Ashley Judd parties REALLY hard!