Monday, March 26, 2012


here are my representative songs. click on anything that has capital letters and is blue:

1. what is your present state of mind? SOMEWHAT DAMAGED

2. how do you feel about someone you lust for? TODAY IS THE GREATEST

3. describe your job. NOTHING

4. what are you hungry for? SATISFACTION

5. what's your favorite color? BLACK

6. what gets you excited? A PRETTY NOOSE, MEANING A WOMAN I CAN'T ESCAPE

7. who do you think you are? EXACTLY, CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER

bonus: describe your life and elaborate on said song choice: I LOVE LANGUAGE, SO CLICK HERE FOR THE MEANING OF LIFE FOR ME




phairhead said...

I really prefer Devo's version of Satisfaction

Jack and Jill said...

Phairhead! Long time no see. Glad you're still around.

As for these answers, all are great. I love the fact that you and I seem to have so much in common musically. Generally speaking the seemingly-random YouTube music link is one of our favorite parts of any blog post of yours, so it was fun to read a blog post that was almost entirely links to songs. And anyone who likes Sigur Ros is pretty awesome in my book.


the late phoenix said...

phair: the Whip agrees with you

jj: you're awesomer...*shy grin*...jus' sayin'

Anonymous said...

1. You're not damaged. Maybe just stuck or on pause.

2. Love the Smashing Pumpkins. Good song. First I've ever seen the vid. Billy Corgan looked so young.

3. Most excellent tune.

4. Ha! Aren't we all. :)

5. Really? Mine is orange but my mind immediately went to Black Metallic.

6. Into bondage are you? :)

7. Well that cleared that up.

Bonus: Hahaha! Hola!


the late phoenix said...

H: on pause, i like that, thing is, i now need to be fast-forwarded to keep up with all i've missed

hola, como estas?