Monday, May 23, 2011


we're talking LIVE here, not the GOO GOO DOLLS


memories: well, this takes me back. hearing this song, really as part of the masterpiece that is this album, i couldn't help but think we were neglecting this band LIVE when discussing the greatest band of the 90s: either nirvana or the smashing pumpkins. we should have entered a third band in the competition, this one. it's like when debating spielberg or lucas, you must also consider the third great writer/director and imagination, that of jim henson.

feelings: when i was really listening to this song, i was in my invincible period. this was the time in my life when i felt that all i had to do was immerse myself in pop culture, listen to every song out there, watch every film, and i'd be okay being alone. these all could serve as replacements for love. in short, i was wrong about everything. hi, eternal here, the late phoenix, computer person at your service, dirty internet personality here creeping out from out my couch...

structure: love the lyric of "the felix", reminds me of Felix The Cat, first transmitted television image ever, i believe. i only say that because i love tv so much, it's my third arm, without obsessing over tv, i'd be passionless. this song's middle portion is strong and powerful with those ripping chords, and i love when ed shouts like michael jackson, "WHOO! COME ON!"

final thoughts: IRIS is a great song, a song steeped in the magic that was the era of good, meaningful, real grungey songs about real issues and real emotion. it's true we'll never get the awesomeness of the '90s ever again, but a dreamer can dream, can't he?



Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi my boyfriend: I've tried commenting twice...Blogger sucks the big one. Um...which isn't a bad thing depending on what one sucks.


Ahaha...just don't mention Bjorg. How did she get ion the list of 100great music groups of the 90s. Was there only 100 music groups in the 90s...

I like Radiohead...The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

later baby. (((MWUAH)))

the late phoenix said...

baby, one day, one precious day, i will convert you over to bjork

don't ever let Blogger win! keep commenting until they go through. without your comments, i have no purpose...


Anonymous said...

muah! <3
love LIVE!!