Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i'm currently in the middle of the second season of watching the anime HELL GIRL, a fantastic offering that all of you should see immediately. now after awhile, the episodes do get repetitive and formulaic, but the initial concept of this story is beautiful, frightening, and cool.

here goes: in this world, there exists HELL GIRL, bottom pic. you access her through your computer, i guess that was another reason i picked up on this series, relateability and the computer culture, right? so, at precisely midnight, you can access the Hell Link if you know the secret url. the screen that comes up lets you enter a person's name, any person you want, and it guarantees that "i will release your hatred". you can send any person to Hell, but only if Hell Girl deems that your intentions are real and your hatred is pure, true, and fierce, it must come from a place deep within you, from, say, years and years of psychological abuse, you can't just wish someone away on a whim because he cut you off on the road that one time. Hell Girl has three aides with her, an old man who turns into a flaming wheel that carries Enma Ai the Hell Girl to her destinations. there is as well a beautiful, buxom woman (my favorite character for some reason), a former geisha. also, there's a man who is the personification of the soul of a sword that saw many battles, took many lives, and is stained with that blood. in the second season, a new aide appears, an annoying little girl who bothers the other four and seems to have an arrogant attitude about life and death. never give youth too much knowledge, huh?

ah, but there's a catch, there's ALWAYS a catch, folks. when you call upon Enma, she gives you a straw doll, TOP PIC, with a red string on it. simply pull the red string from out the doll, and the person you specified will disappear off the face of the Earth and enter Hell forever. check out some of the ingenious ways those damned to Hell are sent, from a woman who loves the hot springs being burned in hot springs water so hot it turns to fire, to a man who refuses to accept the child his ex-girlfriend is carrying is his being forced to himself give birth to a demon baby. the thing is, YOU, the one who called for Enma, will go to Hell when you die as well, whenever that is, whether from natural causes or not. YOU must bear a black mark on your body (the mark is on the breast for a woman, chest for a man, i believe), a permanent tattoo, that signals that you used Hell Girl and you are bound for Hell when you die. tricky, huh? would you give up your eternal reward to rid someone of theirs?

this is the moral dilemma that faces each main person every episode. each week, it's a new protagonist, a new life situation, and that person must decide if it's just too much to bear and it's necessary to rid themselves of their bane and cost both their chance at Heaven. now we're not talking about the scum of the earth here, these are really just average people who are caught up in bad conditions or they make one terrible mistake and must decide on a very brutal decision. school bullying, suicide, divorce, jealousy, sex, rape, violence, it's all covered here brilliantly.

just think about Hell for a moment, the concept of it: eternally punished with no source of comfort or reprieve, this is really FOREVER, forever....forever, forever. scary, no?


1. if you could use Hell Girl in real life, whom would you send to Hell knowing that you would have to go to Hell eventually as well when you die?

2. does Hell really exist?



the late phoenix said...

1. my stockbroker...who just happens to be me

2. yes it's called Earth

nitebyrd said...

I'm intriqued by the concept of this show. I need to make a note to check it out.

#1 - My boobs aren't big enough to bear the marks from all the people I'd like to send to hell.

#2 - You took the words right out of my mouth, so to speak.

LilPixi said...

Really cool concept. I've heard about Hell Girl before but didn't know the details.

I would send my internet troll to hell & I'd be content in meeting him there so I could further torture him for all eternity. Heh heh.

As for 2 - I don't know how I feel for sure, but I do believe in demons.

Anonymous said...

I have room on my boobs to cover your mark for you nitebyrd.

That is f'ing awesome and I've never heard of it so thanks. I assume you don't go to wondercon or any of those things?

1. Probably the idiot who broke into my house and stole my jewelry and my um, ability to feel safe in my house. What is that word? But I wouldn't do it.

2. I.....will just say Hell is driving on a one lane road when I need to get somewhere but being stuck behind a stupid idiot who believes 25 is a safe speed and therefore as fast as she is going to go.

This is awesome, I have to go investigate more

Cheeky Minx said...

1. Since I'm not all that fond of a fiery eternity, how about your run-of-the-mill gutter scum that pillages without conscience?

2. Ah, Sensei, you've beaten us all to it.

(I can't imagine why a beautiful buxom character would be your favourite...) xxx

viemoira said...

1) My kid's spermdonar
2) Are we not there now?


the late phoenix said...

nite: hell-bound tits are ripe for motorboating ;)

lil: that's the perfect reply :D, trolls: the universal bane

trixie: no, no wondercon, but i do love my anime, that's for sure. ha! yeah, traffic will be the end of us all

cheeky babes: you're the only buxom beautiful character i desire

vie: sperm is messy, both meanings. hell on earth=hell is earth

drollgirl said...

i love the name hell girl. love it! i wish i had used that as my blog name!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said..., there is no heaven or hell. It's all nothing but myth. It's like the Greek and Roman gods. I mean really...

But if you want hell...lose your television remote control. It's hell having to get up and change the channel.

later baby...(((MWUAH)))

PS...I think you should only worship my boobs.

Elle said...

Ohh, sounds interesting, I think I'll download a few episodes and check it out :)

Well, right now I'd say I'd send my ex, but I'm sure Hell Girl would read right through me and it wouldn't work. I hate him *now* but that's just breakup pain & anger talking.

As for hell existing, I'm not a believer. Like so many others said, things are sometimes tough enough here...

the late phoenix said...

droll: droll > hell

zora gf: baby, you know i can't resist your beautiful bosom, time for some licking and sucking, i'll be over tonight with the video camera...:*

elle: ah yes, an ex situation, that's prime meat for an episode of hell girl, there are some good episodes about that

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi boyfriend: I haven't had a whole lot of time to watch much of anything. But I really want to watch a movie this weekend.

A matinee.

I'm buying...and I'll even buy soft drinks, and pop corn. So come pick me up. :)

Kong Fu Panda II or Pirates...You pick. : )

And lets sit in the back we, make out too. weeee!

the late phoenix said...

let's go out to the lobby
let's go out to the lobby
let's go out to the lobby
and get ourselves a snack

baby, the reviews for PANDA are better than those for PIRATES, but honestly, you and i could make a better movie later that night, if you catch my drift...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

You do mean Kong Fu Panda...the porn moview right? I sort of wanted to see why he was called KONG...

Our own movie? Jane. :)

the late phoenix said...

my tarzan yell isn't quite as epic as carol burnett's, but then again, i've never done it while swinging on a chandelier either...