Tuesday, May 10, 2011






hmmmmmmm, why do i get the sneaking suspicion that if i were to sign up for this thing, i wouldn't get someone who looks like mindy? not that i'm SHALLOW or anything...



drollgirl said...

argh! those clips are so painful to watch! ugh!

and hope you have better luck with the on-line dating thang than i have had! :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

YAY...it's my man. I've missed you something fierce. I'm so very glad you have another blog. I mean I really liked your old one but my computer's security wouldn't let me open it. Not just yours but a few others...like Indi's. I eventually found I can read you through google reader but I'm was unable to comment.

So hey...can I put you on my blogroll? :)

later baby...I'll be back...(((MUAH)))

the late phoenix said...

droll: i've read about it. yeah, it'd be okay if it really were babes, hunks, and talkin' 'bout bowl cuts, but something tells me that match.com's awkward blanket is woven nice and thick

zora: baby, YES YES and YES!!!

you've just made a grown man cry...


Eden said...

You changed your blog!!!!!!! I like the phoenix though. Inspiring.

I know they say it's a real date, but I can't shake the feeling it's fixed. But I do believe people that attractive use the site. I've browsed Plenty of Fish and there are some hotties there (and even better, it's free!).

If you're using Match.com, let us know how you do!

the late phoenix said...

eden: hi babe! *waves*

the phoenix is inspiring, but a late phoenix can be problematic

i don't know about match.com, i'm scared, i'm really really terrified to dip my toe in...

nitebyrd said...

What troubles me is Aaron there, must be about 30 or so and is definitely not rockin' that Justin Beiber haircut. Strike one.

I couldn't watch the videos because just looking at the still made me want to stick a fork in their necks.

On a happier note, I'm very glad that you are back in a new form. I had a couple days of profound sadness that you'd just up and left without a word. Glad you're here. ♥

the late phoenix said...

nite: hello, my darling. your sadness was matched by my sadness when i woke up monday morning to find my entire account gone, just dead without a culprit

suddenly, the demons in my mind festered nastier than ever before, i wasn't sure i'd make it through

writing in any form does help a little, though

one more day, right?...xoxo

viemoira said...

I like the dance one-i'd a been like "yeah, sure".

I think they use people like on the radio- they *sound* hot but...



Cheeky Minx said...

You're not shallow, you have standards. And let's face it, we've all seen your, er, "sock". You have every right to those standards.

I have to admit these ads made my arse twitch in the worst possible way thanks to the cutesy factor. And I'm with nitebyrd, the hair is atrocious.

It's so good to have you back, babe. I hope your Phoenix keeps rising to the occasion... ;)

the late phoenix said...

vie: radio hot ftw, thanks for visiting

cheeky: oh babes, when you talk about your sweet arse, i lose consciousness...love ya

Anonymous said...

Wait, we've seen his "sock"?

Can we see it again for those who might've missed out?

-Your friendly neighborhood perv

the late phoenix said...

trixie: i love pervs, am one myself