Sunday, May 15, 2011


first of all, i'm glad that IMAGEMAKERS is on now at a more reasonable time, early evening instead of early morning, a man does need his number-three time. great episode last night, i can't praise this showcase of short films enough, without it i'd be a lesser person.

GLENN OWEN DODDS: get it? Glenn Owen Dodds, G-O-D. yeah, i won't spoil it too much for you after that, CLICK HERE for a preview.

TOUCH: great capper, CLICK HERE for a preview. a short about suicide, hmmmm, i wonder why a person like me would be interested in that...

1. well, the dude in GLENN wasn't all that impressed with how God looked. what is your perception of god? more white beard or more the South Park version? perhaps more like light than a human frame? or something completely indescribable

2. the angel in TOUCH kept talking about that movie about an angel who gives up his wings to become human? remember this movie?



the late phoenix said...

1. i'm going with indescribable

2. more interesting than the movie was a certain song called IRIS, goo goo dolls...yeah

Missed Periods said...

Ever since I saw the movie Dogma, god looks like Alanis Morrisette.

the late phoenix said...

missed: now see, for me, that would be heavenly, she's one of my secret crushes

Anonymous said...

Oh yes- GOD is a woman! :)
I know this because I used to have a bumper sticker that said so! ;)