Monday, May 30, 2011



memories: i got to the Smiths late like with most things, but when i finally did discover them in college, it was like the discovery of the vikings. i couldn't believe i had slept on them for so long. this beautifully simple, elegant, yet so poignant music had eluded me, and i was angry, so angry i wore my hair like morrissey for a week and sipped fuel from the nearest gothic coffee shop. i have yet to meet a band that so captures the feeling of wanting to meet someone special, longing for love, yearning to escape your poor surroundings and fly away to a life of excitement, hope, sex, and meaning.

feelings: i remember fondly one night when i had nothing to do, i turned off all the lights in my room, popped in THE BEST OF THE SMITHS in the cd player, lay down on the floor with my eyes closed, and proceeded to veg out on each track of the album, one by one, each song its own masterpiece. afterwards, having missed both breakfast and lunch, i was fucking hungry, so i made my way down to the kitchen for an early dinner, i was sad, i was forever sad, so i just had some sad eggs 'cause i lost all sense of time and place, forever locked into my own self-misery and morrissey's plaintive wails about life and lost love

structure: this tune has a snappy beat, nice bass line, and you can't help but move your shoulders up and down awkwardly as you listen to will cause you to buy a couple extra cans of hair spray on your next grocery visit to do your 'do like morrissey, i'm tellin' ya

final: listen to this song, watch this song with me, fling around some yellow flowers, won't you? won't you next time i visit strewn out some dead and live flowers all over your floors to welcome me in, me, the emo king, doomed from the start, longing for love and attention?! just a note, i prefer the dead flowers...



Spiky Zora Jones said...

boyfriend. You know I love the Smiths. I was hoping they would had gotten back together for a reunion tour...but they didn't.

I have most of their music.

I actually didn't get into them till late too. An internet writer friend turned me on to them. Then KA_BOOM...I went out and bought everything I could get my hands on...started off with the singles.

hand in glove...gets my ass moving. hehehe.

later baby xxx OH and happy holiday.

Cheeky Minx said...

Oh... The Smiths... Morrissey... How they take me back.

I was about 14 or 15 when I made my discovery. I devoured as much of their pop-fuelled melancholy as I could. (Clearly, I was a tortured young man masquerading as a loopy adolescent girl.)

This song - which had me smiling and bopping like a goofball - reminds me of that younger version of me; of my first real lust crush (a Mod chef who drove a Scooter); of my ex and our flat by the sea; of my exotic LA screenwriter. That's an odd temporal cocktail that only The Smiths could shake and pour I think.

I'd better stop waxing lyrical and get cracking on killing some flowers for your arrival.

You just get more perfect with each passing day, babe... xxx

the late phoenix said...

zora gf: ah, yes, "hand in glove" is snappy. also, "how soon is now?", i mean, come on, you can literally dance to that song for all eternity

cheeky babes: that was great! i'm still imagining that mod chef in the scooter, that's bril! can i be your next ex? i always wanted to live by the sea like spongebob and i DEFINITELY always wanted to be an LA screenwriter. can i, huh? love ya...

Anonymous said...

So please please please
Let me, let me, let me
Let me get what I want
This time

They are awesome

the late phoenix said...

pocket: oh yeah!