Monday, May 16, 2011



memories: ah yes, i heard this song many many times during my difficult transition from one-year-left college student to hopeless shut-in, so i suppose i have mixed memories. on the one hand, it reminds me of putrid failure, but on the other, it was my constant companion whenever i needed to escape my headspace.

feelings: this song makes me feel powerful. if i may be indelicate for a moment, i'm not sure whether the lead singer is a little heavyset or just husky and muscular. if he's husky and muscular, i apologize profusely and ask that he doesn't beat me up, i'm but a skinny nerdfighter. if he's heavyset, well, see the point is that music transcends all that, y'know? music offers that: you can be the fugliest, most awkward stain on human society, but if you can sing, if you can structure a song, and if you're truly honest about your feelings and infuse that into your music, you're a god, you become superhuman, and you will find love, sex, and happiness (well...sometimes...)

structure: speaking of structure, i love this song's driving beat, it picks you up from the ground from the start and never lets you go, you're running a mile before you have a chance to rub your bleary eyes and brush your teeth

conclusion: this song rocks, to date i think it's their best work, i'm going to watch the video and listen to it again, won't you join me?



Noddy Blue said...

The Phoenix rises from the ashes, eh?

the late phoenix said...

noddy: a phoenix is inspiring, a late phoenix is problematic

Memphis said...

Three way handshakes and gay trysts in Catholic church bathrooms go together like Dennis Rodman and a Versace evening gown. Or something.

the late phoenix said...

memphis: i see you working...