Sunday, May 29, 2011


last night's theme: danger

HAPPY SUSHI: the dude was just blessed that his table was uneven, the matches were there when they were, and he managed to stay low when the knife struck. as a general rule of life, it's always best to stay low, stay down, investigate from the ground, and see things from the floor up

CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE: boy chopping wood, boy chopping wood with a very large axe, oh no, boy decides to rest his tired bare foot on the open tree stump where all the wood-chopping is taking place...the injury comes, but it's not the injury one expects

THE ONE LAST TIME: (BOTTOM PIC) you know this trope, one last bank robbery, one last time, and finally the group will be done with all the crime and retire...except there are two other groups who had the same idea to rob the same bank at the same time. the first group is masked in WIZARD OF OZ characters, the second group dons superhero masks like Wolverine, and the third group arrives late in their car wearing STAR WARS masks. when the Darth Vader of that last group saunters into the bank and sees the two other groups already there...a fire fight

PARK: my favorite from last night, a nice black-and-white study of four people intermingled forever from certain circumstances and happenings. won't give too much away, but there's a drowning of heightened pathos when considering the prejudices of the other characters formed previously. my favorite scene is a black man who wants to help following behind a white woman who is crying for anyone to rescue her son from the pond, and a cop glances at just a time to see a black man running after a white woman, and thus the cop immediately thinks his first thought and jumps into action stopping the black man, handcuffing him before the black man can hurt the white woman...a misunderstanding tinged with racism that eventually turns tragic

1. dangerous bad boy (girl) or fine, upstanding man (woman)?

2. the wizard of oz or STAR WARS?

3. saturday night live or MAD TV?


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the late phoenix said...

1. badder is better

2. space, the final frontier...

3. STUART trumps all, i still suffer every saturday night realizing we'll never get another episode of MAD TV ever again...*tear*