Tuesday, September 8, 2020


1. would you help pay for your own engagement ring?

suck it. not the engagement, the ring. only if the ring was a Ring Pop. slid off the gloved pinkie finger of one Slash from Guns N Roses...

2. were you ever afraid to masturbate?

it's just, why does pleasure have to be so messy? i was always the one with the mop in my hand after something else was in my hand. but i learned a lot about myself. i learned i liked my teachers. a lot. but it was a little disconcerting after when i reopened my eyes after having them closed for so long and stared at that poster above her skateboard rack with Donald Duck tossing a bomb from his perch on a cloud with the caption below it:


3. these days what gives you most comfort? that that bag of cat food is still good. 

4. what is distinct about you? my lobes. my frontal lobe, split down the middle in two distinct halves.

BONUS: what in the past week has given you immense joy? that i got a chance to do TMIT again...


Jules said...

1 : If I wanted it, yes. But then I don’t need to get engaged to do that do I?

2: British Airways don’t really like it.

3: Britain’s Got Talent and a packet of Jammy Dodgers

4: My aura

BONUS: A Gin Cocktail

the late phoenix said...

1. I wouldn't eat for a year to get you an engagement ring, mah dahlin, I'm skinny anyway

2. I want to masturbate with you high on a British Airways plane, right there in Aisle 3C. we'll cum in unison like the advanced couples do...

3. is Simon's back okay?

4. I want to swallow your aura

BONUS: I so can't quit coffee I'm drinking coffee-flavored whiskey now!!!

love ya *)