Monday, May 7, 2018


1. what makes you, you? for the last 30 years i haven't moved from the bed in my room. send noodles. and some DVDs. look, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper is aight but now when i watch it i see something i didn't notice before: it's basically a Cosby clone.

2. do you care more about doing the right thing or doing things right? it's the same thing. unless you're doing the wrong things right, in which case they're the right things. it's like pizza. i love pizza. but if you put anchovies on them the pizza's ruined. in truth i say i hate anchovies but I've never tried them, scared to. people rave on to me about how yummy they are but all i see is an image of their peeping glassy eyes staring at me from the lining of my stomach which they are currently chewing. and so i pick off each one and send my anchovies to Kramer. am i a bad person for doing this? this was Kramer before he was Kramer, when he was on UHF and still the lovable kind of clown. i wonder what Kramer's doing right this moment? i have an image of him trudging up a hillside with 37 pieces of fuzzy flyfish flair attached to the rim of his beige bucket fisherman's hat. he sends out his line and waits the rest of the day. no bait. Kramer fishes alone. for anchovies.

3. what is sexual freedom? do you have it? it's being allowed to fuck in however fashion you choose. even in a tree. this is vital to the continuance of the species. the only true freedom is death. and the only true sexual feedom is the little death.

4. in your romantic relationships, is trust more important than love? oh yes. there is no love without trust. notice how Mulder could only love Scully. he couldn't even love his own mother after awhile. cos he thought she was an alien. although i do have a confession to make here. for the first time. i did love a bank teller who was in charge of my family fortune. didn't check first, i could have used that computer on her desk. she emptied my bank account and my heart. that transition from trust-fund kid to blogger is a sad stark one.

5. your life, is it more of a dream or a nightmare? Rebecca Sugar says cartoons are a dream. when you create and make and write and draw and animate a cartoon, and others watch it, it's like the others and you are sharing in a dream. so for me right now it's a nightmare cos i haven't convinced adult swim to air my cartoon. until that happens i'm in a nightmare over a dream.

bonus: what is the last romantic thing you did for someone? drew them a cartoon. Rebecca Sugar says this shared-dream concept of an animated show is the most romantic thing in existence in the universe. i tend to agree. but it's hard work, too. i drew adult swim a cartoon on a napkin but they said i needed a portfolio...

the meaning of life is Rebecca Sugar. Rebecca Sugar Cookies in the Sand



Brigit Delaney said...

The X-Files reference made the geek girl in me smile.

the late phoenix said...

brigit: sad it’s over. but we participated in the dream lo these many years. it feels like 20 years or so. wow! a quarter-century that’s nuts!!! wasn’t it cool to have Scully and Mulder’s take on Generation Alpha modern society with the endless gadgetry of cold communication and dead human interaction? that deflated line from Mulder at the graveyard stays with me, as if planting the seed for alien invasion by weakening humanity, “everything we predicted has come to pass”

Jules said...

( KISS) *)

the late phoenix said...