Monday, December 25, 2017


Harry Connick Jr. is like a more attractive Morton Downey Jr.

1. do you celebrate Christmas? does the Pope poo in the woods?
2. tell us about your Christmas celebration. when i was a kid i would put on elaborate Disneyesque animatronic ride attractions for my parents. now i barely drink wine. and it's not even mulled wine.
3. what season is it where you live? permasummer. i need to stop wintering in Florida and start wintering in winter.
4. it's the end of the year. what are you still trying to accomplish before the end of the year? i faltered there for a moment. i read that as the end of the world. those spaceships that are supposed to fly us all out of here still haven't been constructed yet have they. what are we waiting for!!?
5. do you have any plans for New Year's Eve? it's that strange week of eerie quiet after Christmas but before New Year's. there's nothing to do, nothing to celebrate, all the stores are still closed. this year i'm gonna try to kiss myself. they say it's possible if you French-kiss yourself.

happy Christmas, my babies. didn't get what you wanted this year? how do you really know if someone loves you? only if they die for you. if they didn't die for you they didn't really love you. that's from Tender Touches.


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