Monday, July 18, 2016


1. hi there. tell us about your job and what you do. i could tell you but then i'd have to marry you.
2. what piece of advice would you give to a co-worker? please be my friend. i'll pay you.
3. what 2 pieces of advice would you give to a new blogger? don't start. but if you must, start off using your own independent website, don't rely on any of the popular platforms, they don't have your back.......................except blogspot, blogspot is the best!!!
4. what 1 piece of advice would you give to a veteran blogger, someone blogging for more than 3 years? stop
5. what do you hope visitors to your blog see, take away, feel, or learn? take life so seriously you laugh.
6. have you ever had something happen to you you thought was bad but later it turned out for the best? i got really depressed. my therapist asked me if there was anything in the world, anything, that would make me feel happy. like winning the lottery. no, i thought. but then i got my cats. and from that day on i became a cat-lover for eternity. though i'm still in massive debt from all those lottery tickets i bought.

bonus: what was the last experience that made you a stronger person? IT'S ALL SUMMED UP IN THIS VIDEO, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK.



Anonymous said...

Ya know I luv u but I cannot believe you made me watch a Britney Spears video! All is forgive *smirk*


the late phoenix said...

H: whatever happened to Britney Spears anyway?

Jules said...

I'm here - oops...I did it again. If I'm late, Baby one more time you can call me a toxic criminal. But, I'm stronger than yesterday and you know I'm a slave 4U despite this circus full of pretty girls. Gimme more - till the world ends, my sweet and I'll ....ooh la la.....*)

the late phoenix said...

julie: the only thing i remember is i wanted to be that giant snake. but actually i was always an Aguilera guy *)